Artist Statement


When I think about my life and how my art has been a guiding force in my life’s decisions I realize how important it is and has been to me through the years. I can’t catch my breath sometimes when I get excited about a project. I refer to my next art piece as a project because so much of me goes into each piece, whether it is a photo or a painting or nowadays a digital painting. It’s difficult and easy at the same time. I see beauty around me and I am pulled in, all senses are engaged, I’m engrossed, absorbed, preoccupied. Sometimes these projects spill out from my pores and other times, I struggle to get what is in my head out to the world. I know that it needs to get out; sometimes it takes a lot of work to convey my thoughts clearly. I won’t rest until it is right. I won’t rest until I believe that you are with me in each image; feeling the air, smelling the flowers, walking in the soft sand, hearing the birds. I can’t stop until l have infused my projects with beauty and emotion and a little bit of me. The draw is so strong for me to get it on paper that I can’t sleep or think until it is complete. I walk around contained in my own thoughts not allowing outside words to seep in as I focus solely on my next project.

But I can’t leave it there, I have a passion for teaching. This is also a part of my art; to guide others along a path to find their unique artistic sight. I love to share who I am and how I see the world, whether it is in the field or in a classroom. My goal is to provide a space where anyone can dream, create and achieve.


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