New ~ A Guide to Creative Filters & Effects II

I am pleased to announce the newest edition to my Creative Adventure eBook line-up. “A Guide to Creative Filters & Effects II” by denise ippolito. With over 14,000 words and 140 pages this eBook is geared to help you create unique works of art with your photographs. This guide is filled with fun and exciting ideas to nurture your artistic vision. $39.00

I originally started to write an eBook entirely on trees and tree transformations since I love trees so much but then I started to expand the eBook to include much more and it soon developed into a second filter guide! I hope you enjoy reading it and trying out the techniques as much as I have enjoyed working on it. My older version “A Guide to Creative Filter & Effects” will now be for sale at a much discounted price, $16.00. Do know that some of the material is dated and I was using CS3 at the time I published it.

Carol Carson edited the eBook and made some great changes and additions along the way-so thank you Carol!

What’s Inside:
Adding a Texture Overlay
Using filters to bring out lines and textures
Using layer masks to make targeted adjustments

Part I: Tree Artistry
A. Deciduous Tree: Giving it some personality
B. A Crab Tree
C. Brusheezy Tree
D. Trees Through a Fisheye Lens

Part II: Tools and Techniques
A. Using Texture Overlays
Mini-tutorial: Layer Blending Modes
Mini-Tutorial: Layer Masks
B. Using Filters to Accentuate Lines and Flow
C. Adding the Warp Tool to the Mix
Mini-tutorial: Adding a Border
D. Using Filters to Make Lines and Textures the Main Story
E. Inverting the Color of Images
F. Converting Images to Black and White
G. Flipping Images
Mini-Tutorial: Adding Canvas
H. Zoom Blur
I. Wave Filter
j. Pinch and a Twirl
K. Creating a Texture Overlay From an Existing Image
L. Creating a Brush from an Existing Image
M. Lines and Glow with Topaz Glow
N. Painterly Effects with Topaz Impression Filters
O. Painterly Effects with Snap Art Filters
Mini-Tutorial: Content Aware Fill

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