New ~ A Guide to Creative Filters & Effects II

I am pleased to announce the newest edition to my Creative Adventure eBook line-up. “A Guide to Creative Filters & Effects II” by denise ippolito. With over 14,000 words and 140 pages this eBook is geared to help you create unique works of art with your photographs. This guide is filled with fun and exciting ideas to nurture your artistic vision. $39.00

I originally started to write an eBook entirely on trees and tree transformations since I love trees so much but then I started to expand the eBook to include much more and it soon developed into a second filter guide! I hope you enjoy reading it and trying out the techniques as much as I have enjoyed working on it. My older version “A Guide to Creative Filter & Effects” will now be for sale at a much discounted price, $16.00. Do know that some of the material is dated and I was using CS3 at the time I published it.

Carol Carson edited the eBook and made some great changes and additions along the way-so thank you Carol!

What’s Inside:
Adding a Texture Overlay
Using filters to bring out lines and textures
Using layer masks to make targeted adjustments

Part I: Tree Artistry
A. Deciduous Tree: Giving it some personality
B. A Crab Tree
C. Brusheezy Tree
D. Trees Through a Fisheye Lens

Part II: Tools and Techniques
A. Using Texture Overlays
Mini-tutorial: Layer Blending Modes
Mini-Tutorial: Layer Masks
B. Using Filters to Accentuate Lines and Flow
C. Adding the Warp Tool to the Mix
Mini-tutorial: Adding a Border
D. Using Filters to Make Lines and Textures the Main Story
E. Inverting the Color of Images
F. Converting Images to Black and White
G. Flipping Images
Mini-Tutorial: Adding Canvas
H. Zoom Blur
I. Wave Filter
j. Pinch and a Twirl
K. Creating a Texture Overlay From an Existing Image
L. Creating a Brush from an Existing Image
M. Lines and Glow with Topaz Glow
N. Painterly Effects with Topaz Impression Filters
O. Painterly Effects with Snap Art Filters
Mini-Tutorial: Content Aware Fill

To purchase a copy of this PDF ebook:
When you click on the BUY NOW button below you will be directed to a site called Content Shelf. This is where my eBooks can be purchased and the site will automate the process. You will need to follow these basic directions once you are in Content Shelf:

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*Please note that you may pay with either credit card or Paypal but you must fill in all of the required fields on both sites. This process needs to automated as I travel so much and I can not possibly keep up with sending out the eBooks myself. Please take a moment to read through this carefully before emailing me. Thank you very much.

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55 Responses

  1. After I saw the new book this is what I had to say about it and about denise in the foreword that she kindly asked me to write:

    That Denise Ippolito is a brilliant photographer is a given. That she is skilled with lenses from fisheyes throughout super-telephotos is a given. That she is able to produce technically perfect images on a consistent basis is a given. That she long ago mastered the principles of composition and design is a given. That she has a superb eye is a given. That she is able to see beautiful images when others see nothing is a given. That she works long and hard at photographing her favorite subjects—trees, flowers, birds, patterns in nature, and buildings old and new—is a given. That she is a master of Photoshop is a given. That she is the most creative photographer I know is a given.

    When it comes to the use of filters and effects during post processing it is her proficiency and—I hate to say it again—her creativity that set her above all others. She takes extraordinary images and turns them into extraordinary works of art. What is equally amazing is that she knows even when creating a given image what filter, what effect, what texture will work best with it.

    In “A Guide to Creative Filters & Effects II,” she shares her techniques and her vision with you. She covers the use of texture overlays, a variety of Photoshop and plug-in filters and effects, making targeted adjustments, blending modes, layer masks, inverting color, creating black and white images, the warp tool, adding borders, flipping, pinch twirls, zoom blurs, Topaz, Snap Art, and more. In this great new eBook, Denise will expand the horizon for all creative photographers.

    Arthur Morris
    May 7, 2015. Indian Lake Estates, FL

  2. Sharon Hallowell says:

    Congratulations on the book, Denise! If we “Add It To Our Cart”, what happens next? Do we download it, do we get a copy on CD in case we lose the original?
    Looking forward to seeing it, as your images are always inspiring!

  3. Nancylee Mudd says:

    I ordered it on the spot! I’m so happy for your success! You have earned it!!!

  4. denise says:

    Sharon, You get a link to download it from. Then you will have it on your computer or laptop.

  5. Tom Ambrose says:

    I have just received this new e-book and have quickly scanned it. It appears to be your best ever, which means extraordinarily good. I can’t wait to really get into it.

  6. Francis says:

    Great foreward by Art – fully deserved from what I have learned from you over the years

  7. Nancy Bell says:

    Artie is totally on the mark with his forward! You are so very talented!! I’m pushing the order button as soon as I post this.

  8. Congratulations Denise! Artie’s “givens” are spot on. Well deserved kudos on your most recent achievement that I’m sure will be enjoyed by all.

  9. James Saxon says:

    Looking forward to downloading the new ebook. Great compliment to the original.

  10. Drea Koval says:

    As always…Brilliant!!!! can’t wait to have more time to work with your newest treat!!! Hope to see you soon.

  11. denise says:

    Hi Lynn, Thank you kindly! Let me know what you think.

    Wow Artie, I am truly touched that you think so highly of me. It is much appreciated!

    Hi Sharon, I see that you got it 🙂

    Thanks Nancylee!

    Hi Debbie, thank you for your kind words 🙂

    Hi Tom, thank you so much, I appreciate it!

    Hi Francis, thank you very much!!

    Hi Nancy, thank you so much 🙂 It means a lot!

    Thanks Scott, I appreciate it!

    Hi Steve, it feels like just yesterday I published the Art of Flower Photography-thanks again BTW for your proof on that one! Thanks for the more than kind words, I greatly appreciate them 🙂

    Thanks James, let me know how you like it. Good luck this weekend 🙂

    Hi Drea, I miss you 🙂 thank you very much for the support.

    Hi Joe, thank you kindly. I truly appreciate it!!

  12. Rona Schwarz says:

    So good to see this – and yes, I also bought it sight unseen. But your first one was so good that I can’t wait to get my hands on this one! Hope to get to one of your workshops soon. I do so enjoy your blog and posts!

  13. Congrats on the release of the new guide Denise!!! I cannot wait to read through it. You have always inspired me with your creativity to create my own artistic renderings. Thank-you 🙂

  14. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
    ~ Albert Einstein

    Denise possesses one of the most fertile creative artistic minds I have seen in my lifetime. Marrying imagination with knowledge, this e-book is a treasure trove of possibilities and worth every penny.

  15. denise says:

    Hi Andrew, thank you. I appreciate your kind words.

    Hi Carolyn, Thank you for your more than kind words. I am glad 🙂 that you like the eBook and feel it has value. It means a lot to me.

  16. Denise, what amazes me most of all is your ability to balance your ying and your yang imagery. One moment I am gazing at a soft etherial image bathed in pure light; the next moment I am transported to a dark abandoned gritty building that evokes untold sad stories. You are truly an inspiration to me in terms of getting more in touch with my feminine photographic self and creating a balance.

  17. denise says:

    Hi Michael, thank you kindly!

    Hi Carolyn, Once again, thank you for your very kind words. They truly mean a lot to me 🙂

  18. denise says:

    Hi Mac, It is a whole new body of work with one technique from the original included.

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  20. Kathy Graff says:

    Denise, one question: do I need photoshop to get the most out of your guide? I’ve never used photoshop–came from a printing background. Am I missing out on a lot?

    Your advice will be appreciated.

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  22. denise says:

    Hi Kathy, Yes, Photoshop would be useful and can be a game changer for your photographs in my opinion.

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  24. Ron says:

    The book looks very interesting. Does it use a lot of 3rd party filters or is it (mostly) just use Photoshop? Will I be required to purchase additional filters to duplicate what you are showing?

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  28. Ann O'Hagan says:

    I’d love to put one of your e books on my Christmas want list. Can you issue a gift certificate for that or figure out some other way to let someone buy the book for me?

  29. denise says:

    Hi Ann,

    Yes, I can send a gift certificate via email that would go to you and the sender would be copied. They just need to send me an email.

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  39. Snowdie Brown says:

    Hi Denise I use photoshop elements 13. Will some of the guide translate to this program or is it primarily just for Photoshop? Thanks Snowdie Brown

    Hi Snowdie,

    It will be fine, as long as you have layers and masks you can use this guide.

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