A Painted Dahlia from Swan Island

I captured the image below so that I could demonstrate to my group at my Swan Island Dahlia workshop (during our seminar day together) how a poor image can be helped tremendously in post processing. Now, imagine what a beautiful capture could look like. In order to create the above image I needed to “prepare” my base/original image (below) by adding a texture overlay (one that I created myself) before applying the painterly effect. All in all it took 6 steps to create the final version above.
A lot of the steps involved are explained in my newest eBook “A Guide to Creative Filters & Effects II”. You could also take one of my workshops and see me do it in person 🙂 .

Image © 2015/Denise Ippolito Photography- base/original image

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  1. David Steele says:

    I don’t see how anyone can argue against the use of this type of post processing when they see a beautiful image like this.

  2. Jackie says:

    From Bears to Birds to Flowers you are so incredible I just love your work can’t wait to take a workshop in the spring I bought you new book it’s fabulous thank you! ?

  3. James Saxon says:

    Great final image. Proves once again what we capture in the camera is the raw material for what we do in post processing. Amazing.

  4. Joseph R Moran says:

    Denise,It takes my breath away some of the things you do with flowers. You have an amazingly creative mind and a great sense of what to do to your captures to turn them into such beautiful works of art. Joe M

  5. Denise! I was out there just yesterday (7 Sep) — before I saw your image — and captured exactly the same Dahlia with exactly the same framing, within 1/2 cm!. You evidently were there earlier in the morning; my capture was at 11:39, and I used a Wilcott diffuser to kill the harsh light, plus a ring flash at -2 1/3 comp for a titch of fill. 5DMiii, AV -2/3, 100mm macro, ISO 400, 1/400, f/16. I swear I didn’t see your tripod divots!

  6. denise says:

    Hi Andrew, thank you kindly!

    Thanks so much Nancy!

    Thank you Brent, I miss you and Claudia here. Mary Griffith (from last year) came by the Dahlia farm and brought us cookies 🙂

    Hi David, thank you very much, I appreciate your kind words.

    Thanks so much Francis.

    Hi Jackie, thanks so much. I’m glad you like the eBook.

    Thank you Rich, much appreciated.

    Thanks so much James, I truly appreciate your kind words.

    Hi Joseph, Thank you so much for your lovely words, they made me smile 🙂

    Hi Craig, that is too, too funny! I’d love to see your version!

  7. Sue Eberhart says:

    And I was lucky enough to watch Denise do this edit in person! Thank you Denise for sharing your vision.

  8. denise says:

    Hi Ania, thank you kindly.

    Thanks so much Jay!

    Hi Artie, nice to hear from you, thank you!

    Hi Sue, you are too kind, I really enjoy having you on the workshop- you share so much with everyone 🙂

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