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After I processed the original Nasturtium image (see below) I felt that some of the petals looked “blotchy”. I wanted to soften them up and create a piece of art from my photo so I added a slight bit of Photoshop’s Zoom Blur Filter to the image.

Image © 2016/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Nasturtium

When I apply any kind of filter to an image I almost always start by duplicating the layer so that I can reduce the opacity of the effect that I am applying and also have the option to use a layer mask.

To access the Zoom Blur Filter go to Filter> Blur> Radial Blur and choose zoom. You can also click and drag the grid to move it. Once I applied the filter I revealed some of the center area with a layer mask.

You can do a lot of different things with the Zoom Blur Filter in Photoshop. I use it often and have found a boat load of creative uses for it. To learn more about the ways that I use the Zoom Blur Filter check out my newest filter guide “Creative Filters & Effects” edited by Carol Carson.

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8 Responses

  1. Tony Botelho says:

    Its funny Denise I loved the first Nasturtium photo without the zoom blur when I first saw it, and still do, but love the photo more with the zoom blur. It gives it that soft, dreamy, moody feel. Great photo!

    Thanks so much Tony!

  2. Kathy Graff says:

    The zoom blur filter pulls the image together and lets me move around the image. On the original, I want to just focus on the stamen in the center and I find it hard to look at other parts of the image.

    Hi Kathy, I agree, thanks so much for the kind words.

  3. Lesliediana says:

    I agree that both of the images are lovely. The blur has such an ethereal effect. I know my image won’t compare with yours,( no self-deprecation, just fact 🙂 but I am going to try this on the images I took of the nasturtiums and hope for 1/10th of the look.

    Hi Lesliediana, It was great seeing you at Longwood. Thanks so much but I bet yours will be great!

  4. Kathy Bishop says:

    The zoom blur was a great way to handle this image. It softens the areas that weren’t completely perfect and brings the focus onto the super interesting subject. Way to go!

    Thank you kindly Kathy, I appreciate it.

  5. Lori Labrecque says:

    Absolutely love what the zoom blur did to this image! I normally go into my blotchy petals and clean them up with cloning, but this gives it a velvety soft feel. Can’t wait to try it.

    Hi Lori, glad you like it and will give it a try. Thanks so much!

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