Angel Oak, Digitally Enhanced

I photographed the above image with an Olympus OM-D 5 II that had been converted to IR. I used the Olympus 14-150mm lens and hand held the capture at 1/80 sec. I did not crop one pixel as I liked the framing. The vignette is not added, it is a combo of the lens, the light and the branches. I did add some digital enhancements… This tree lost one large curved branch this year. I imagine it won’t look exactly the same next year either. Consider joining me next year for my Charleston 2017 workshop.

A special thanks to Tom Wester fro the camera loan. Tom attended both of my Magnolia Gardens workshops and we were able to shoot together before the rest of the group got to Charleston. He was very generous in lending me one of his many camera rigs. The Olympus cameras have great image stabilization when hand holding. I also like the small, lightweight size!

My friend Alan Lillich suggests that I purchase an OM-D E-M5 Mark II or the Olympus OM-D E-M1 -if I wait for the version II. He also recommends the lenses below. He also suggests the Watson duo charger.

– Lenses are f/2.8 Pro zooms 7-14, 12-40, 40-150; 60mm Macro, 8mm Fisheye; 1.4x TC. And the 300mm f/4.
Watson duo charger, does both small Canon and Olympus.

I’ll most likely get the OM-D 5 II to convert to IR and the OM-D E-M1 (version II when it comes out) for travel photography. I am not getting rid of my Canon gear just making some slight changes where they are needed in my gear.

To learn more about how to effectively apply filters and plug-ins check out my newest creative eBook “A Guide to Creative Filters & Effects II.

I head out first thing tomorrow morning for my flight to Namibia. I can’t wait. Hopefully, I’ll come home with lots of images and memories that I will love!

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  1. Dave Klein says:

    Have an awesome time in Namibia with safe travels throughout. This image is wonderful! My trip last week to the desert regions of SE
    California, Joshua Tree NP and the Salton Sea was quite productive for images and birding. Will assemble some for you for your trip back. I hope your trip is fantastic, as I am sure it will be.

    Can’t wait to see your images Dave. Thanks so much.

  2. Ginger white says:

    Superb work as always! Enjoy your trip to Namibia. Looking forward to seeing images from there! Be safe!

    Hi Ginger, thank you very much!

  3. Kathy Bishop says:

    I love this Denise. IR is something I’ve thought about but never actually done. Maybe it’s time! Have a great trip to Namibia. I’m sure you’re images will be amazing.

    Thanks so much Kathy, I appreciate the kind words. IR is a lot of fun.

  4. Ron May says:

    Denise, absolutely fantastic. I am assuming that this is 720nm shot?

    Safari njema. (Swahili for “have a good trip”.)

    Hi Ron, Thank you kindly. Yes, 720 nanometers.

  5. Andrea Boyle says:

    Beautiful! Your work blows me away. So inspiring to get your e-mail “gifts” every week. Will look forward to your shots from Nambia. As always, take care and be safe!

    Hi Andrea, I appreciate your kind support and words. Thanks.

  6. Donna Bourdon says:

    Have a great trip to Namibia. Can’t wait to see the images!

    Thanks so much Donna 🙂

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