Land-based Falkland Islands Dec. 2017 ~ Workshop

Images above copyright Denise Ippolito
Land-based Falkland Islands Dec 30, 2017- Jan 13, 2018.
Join award winning photographer’s, Denise Ippolito and Paul McKenzie for what will be an amazing two week expedition to the Falkland Islands. We have hand selected each and every stop to maximize our time in the Falklands. This is a land-based trip and will not require any long boat excursions. During this photo tour we have chosen to make the”Neck” our highlight, the “Neck” is considered the true gem of the Falklands. We will have the chance to photograph a large variety of approachable bird species including at least four species of penguins; king, magellanic, rockhopper and gentoo. Albatross, Striated Caracara, King Cormorants, Rock Cormorants and many other shorebirds, seabirds and passerines. We will also have the opportunity to photograph Elephant seals and Southern Sea Lions. Most of the species on the Falklands have no fear of man and we will be able to get extremely close to our subjects. Strict Limit of 6.

Image Card © 2016/Paul Mckenzie Photography

The all-inclusive cost of the trip from Stanley, the Falklands (arriving on SAT December 30, 2017) until we fly back to Santiago, Chile on January 13th. is: $8,400. US, per person, with double occupancy. Single supplement is only available for some portion of accommodations at additional expense.

Your non-refundable deposit of $3,000/person is due immediately to hold your spot. The second payment of $3,000/person is due on April 15, 2017. The final payment of $2,400/person is due on August 15, 2017. All checks made payable to: Denise Ippolito, please email me for the address.

Once we land in Stanley (MPL) everything is included. except for snacks, liquor and wine, laundry, personal items, and internet. All meals are included. All transfers, inter-island flights, and days trips are also included.

Not included:
The cost of your round trip airfare from your home to Santiago, Chile and then continuing on to Mont Pleasant in the Falklands (MPL) is not included. You must be in Santiago at least one night prior to leaving, two is better as there is only one flight out per week. Over-weight charges for the inter-island flights. Hotel nights and meals in Santiago are not included.


Dec 29th – Overnight Santiago, Chile

Dec 30th – Fly to Falklands. Overnight in Stanley

Dec 31st – Fly to Sea Lion Island

Jan 1 – Sea lion Island

Jan 2 – Sea lion Island

Jan 3 – Sea lion Island

Jan 4 – Fly from Sealion Island to Saunders. Transfer to the Neck.

Jan 5 – The Neck

Jan 6 – The Neck

Jan 7 – The Neck

Jan 8 – The Neck

Jan 9 – Fly to Bleaker

Jan 10 – Bleaker

Jan 11 – Bleaker

Jan 12 – Fly to Stanley/overnight Malvina House. Afternoon excursion.

Jan 13 – Option of very early morning excursion to Volunteer point. Afternoon flight from Stanley to Santiago.


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8 Responses

  1. Carlotta says:

    Do you think that I could do this trip or would it be to hard?

    Hi Carlotta, it is relatively easy as compared to the Southern Oceans trip where you have crossings and zodiacs to shore. On this trip we fly from Island to Island and then sleep on land-there are no boats involved and no hard seas. But there is some walking to some of the sites. The one Island I have arranged for a car so that I can drive folks to the locations. I think you could handle it as you have done Nickerson and that is a fair amount of walking. If at anytime you thought it was too much we could try to work out a solution. I thought it was a cake walk.

  2. Jim Fennessy says:

    This Falkland Islands workshop looks like the trip of a lifetime. If I wasn’t already booked with you (and the airlines) for Alaska and then Kenya in 2017, I would be signing up now. Unfortunately, I just can’t get away from my office for 3 trips in late 2017, and both your Kodiak Bears and Kenya trips are also absolute bucket listers for me. But wow this trip looks great.

    Thanks Jim, it is great! Maybe in 2108.

  3. Elaine Walsh says:

    Wonderful adventures Denise, and now that I live in So Florida have a technical question about birds i.e. is there a right way for a bird to face for competition? Recent critiquing said birds face left not right. So, are there rules as to which way birds face? Thank you.

    Hi Elaine, as a general guideline they should face into the frame as opposed to facing out of the frame, however, if you have a bird that is looking out of the frame and it makes sense to the scene than I think it is fine. Also whether or not it faces left or right-that goes along with the thoughts that we read right to left and I do not agree with that as I am not reading my photos I am viewing them. I do know one thing and that is when RULES are imposed we often lose track of what is really important with our images–visual appeal.
    PS- Birds face both right and left, I know, I have seen and observed many 🙂

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