“Bird Photography ~ The Art of the Composition” eBook Announced!!

I am very proud to announce my latest eBook “Bird Photography ~ The Art of the Composition” by yours truly. I wrote this eBook in response to the many comments and emails that I have received over the years. Most of the questions in those emails were related to composition, especially when it comes to bird photography.

I have never conformed to many of the compositional rules, as they were just not pleasing to my eye. I decided to put together a culmination of compositional thoughts that have served me well over the years and that appeal to the artist inside of me. Adhering to my own guidelines has helped me win two Categories in the prestigious Windland Smith Rice Nature’s Best International Competition.

This is not a book on exposure or gear but rather, a guide to composing for birds. I have included many of my images to convey my thoughts. This eBook has over 16,000 words-270 pages and is filled with compositional tips for most every situation. Released only through Denise Ippolito/ A Creative Adventure, to receive your copy for $33.00 CLICK HERE.

This eBook was thoughtfully edited by Marian Bodart, thank you so much Marian for all your help. I truly appreciate it.


*there are two incorrect ID’s that were found after publication, if you purchased a copy before July 25th and would like a revised copy please email me at photographybydenise221@gmail.com

What’s inside…

Table of Contents

Part I- Getting Started
My Thoughts on Gear 
Cameras and Lenses
Tripods & Head
Getting Close

Part II- Settings
Exposure & Histograms
White Balance 
Aperture and Portraits
Shutter Speeds and Flight Photography 
ISO, Focus Points

Part III-Composition
Other Elements 
Choosing the Best Subjects 
Head Angle
Rule of Thirds
Head Shots 
Reflections and Shadows
Bird in Heaven Technique
Perch Size Matters
Nest Shots-Murphy’s Law
Small in the Frame ~ Minimalistic
Adults with Chicks
Behavior Shots 
Composing for Flight 
Vertical Flight Shots
Wing Positions 
Action Shots
Resting Poses
Preening Poses
Multiple Birds 
Feather Detail Abstracts
Unique Compositions 

Part IV- Lighting
Sun Angle/Wind Angle 
Backlight and Sidelight
High Key 
Photographing in the Snow 
Low Light & Intentional Blurs 

Part V– Finishing Touches
Image Sizing & File Handling 
JPEG Sharpening 
Noise Reduction
Cloning on a Layer 
Inverse Layer Mask 
Remove the Blue from a Shadow 
Contrast Mask
Final Thoughts, My Gear, My Bio 

What folks are saying:

Over the years you have taught me so much! Thank you! So pleased you have covered this topic. Just purchased the new e-book. I’ve skimmed thru it and founds lots of familiar and new faces in there along with an incredible amount of helpful information on what you look for when photographing your feathered friends.
Thanks again!
Don Schroder

Hi Denise! Just ordered it this morning and finished pouring through it! This is a fantastic eBook, well-written and illustrated with some of my favorite images of yours and many, many I have not seen. You cover it all, you share great field tips/techniques and I am proud to add it my reference collection of your other impressive/instructive eBooks.
Thank you for your vision and hard work!!
Dave Klein

I highly recommend this book. Denise is the guru of bird photo composition. I might be biased. But the folks at the Smithsonian who awarded her the top international bird image, and hung her award winning bird photos the last two years in a row in their Museum of Natural History, called this correctly.
Jim Fennessy

“Hi Denise, Every time I read through the book, I love it. Your explanations are straight-forward and easy to follow and your photo examples are exquisite. The book is beautifully done — I’m honored to be reviewing it.
Big Hugs, Marian ”

One of your very best eBooks. It is complete and informative with amazing images and tips. Loved it!
Michael Zajac

Another great accomplishment.
Rich Doerr

You have created another gem. A quick skim confirms its gonna be very helpful. Thank you for making it available and for all that you do!
Glen Fox

Book is great Denise. Clear concise directions. Understood everyone of your ideas and descriptions. I learned a lot. Everyone will get some great ideas here.
Joe Barranco

Denise, this looks like a very thoughtful, thorough book! Just having so many of your amazing photos collected in one place will make it worth it. Looking forward to reading and studying it.
Cindy Cone

Denise, Another of your wonderful e-books to add to my collection. Lots of great information and tips in this book – I read it from cover to cover on the first sitting, and I’m sure I’ll be reading it again and again. Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge and expertise in an easy to read, clear and concise format. This book is terrific!
Lynn Fulton

Finished your new book today. Great information on your thought process from capture to post as you are in the field and behind the computer. I learned a lot and will use these “guide lines” not rules in all my photography. You should be proud of this book. Thanks
James Saxon

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11 Responses

  1. David Smith says:

    I will be buying this to go with the other e-books of yours that I have. If it is as good as the others I am sure I will learn a lot.

  2. Jay S Kaplan says:

    Just like a number of your e-books that I have, this one definitely goes on my TODO list. 270 pages, WOW.

    Hi Jay, thank you for your continued support!

  3. John Zimmerman says:

    I just downloaded the ebook. I’m looking forward to going through it.

    Hi John, thank you kindly for your support!

  4. Sue Eberhart says:

    I have enjoyed and learned from every one of your ebooks and look forward to more of the same, even though I do not consider myself a bird photographer.

    Thank you but -You are a very good bird photographer Sue!

  5. Marian Bodart says:

    My pleasure, Denise, it was an honor. This book is a phenomenal resource!

    Thank you so much Marian!! You made the entire process very smooth and easy 🙂

  6. Glen Fox says:

    You have created another gem. A quick skim confirms its gonna be very helpful. Thank you for making it available and for all that you do!

    Thankyou Glen, I appreciate the kind words.

  7. Cindy Cone says:

    Denise, this looks like a very thoughtful, thorough book! Just having so many of your amazing photos collected in one place will make it worth it. Looking forward to reading and studying it.

    Thank you Cindy, that is very nice of you to say!

  8. donna joy a. yang says:

    Hi Denise,

    DO U have hard copies of your e books? I am such an old soul. I do buy ebooks but would be great if u have hard copies i can buy in amazon.com?

    Thank you!

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