Bandon Oregon

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography

My workshop in Bandon is over and I am already in full swing with my Swan Island Dahlia workshop. Many of my clients that participated in the Bandon workshop have continued on here in Canby for some amazing dahlia photography. It was hard to say goodbye to the sea stacks and the folks we left behind. Susan Dimock who was my assistant and local guide for this workshop was great. Her kind mannerisms made everyone feel welcome. See you next year Susan for our Bandon 4 day workshop!! I can’t wait, details soon to follow.

For most of our time we had overcast skies with heavy haze and/or fog. I loved it… but I would have also loved some more colorful sunsets but with the wildfires here on the west coast that was not to be. Still the fog that we had was great for pictures, it creates a mood that just can’t be replicated.

During our workshop we got to see and photograph the “Circle in the Sand” beach labyrinth art that has grown so popular. Next year I can’t wait to see what the group of artists create on the beach!

On one of our horse shoots we had a young colt named Reno come with his mom. The colt was still trying to nurse and he was absolutely adorable! I have so many images to go through but I wanted to share a few of my first pics here. After I processed this one I found a better one-I’ll try to share more images later. I am just getting really behind, I need to concentrate on my taxes when I get home so I may need to take a break 🙂 .

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Reno having a blast on the beach!

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ This is a three image composite -one of the beach art and one of the colorful wet rocks and foggy background and a soft sky. I passed these colorful rocks everyday and decided to use them for some photo art as they were way too colorful to walk away from!

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ This is an HDR converted to B&W

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Starfish and Anemones on a rock with swirling water. The water went over my boots and I got soaked, along with some others-it was worth it. We all laughed so hard.

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13 Responses

  1. Jay S Kaplan says:

    Lovely, I really liked the “beach art” but all of the photos are wonderful. You need to set up another e-book to deal with them. Now we have to wait for the dahlias. They were in full bloom at Longwood last month, and not like the tulips which seems to bring out the herds.

  2. Evelyn Young says:

    How beautiful these pictures are. I love the fog. It evokes such a wonderful feeling of peace and calm. Sometimes I like it even better than sunrises.

  3. Jeff Carlson says:

    Great images Denise. Maybe next year I’ll rejoin you. Still remember the fresh fish dinners of a year ago.

  4. Kathe Kane says:

    Hi Denise. I went back to Nickerson Beach 2 weeks after we were there for the workshop and there were plenty of chicks. I, as well, am behind! The fog worked to your advantage and these shots are beautiful!!

  5. Michael barnes says:

    The top image I like a lot the textures are so delicate. I am not able to get such soft colours, with my Canon the images turn out like it’s a test card for Dulux paint. So bright

  6. James Saxon says:

    Really love the foggy conditions that creates a different mood and a lot of B&W opportunities. Hated to have to cancel on you but still cleaning up after Hurricane Harvey. Still under a boil water notice from city. Travel safely my friend.

  7. Bogumil says:

    I was there in July for one day only. What a beautiful spot for photographers. I drove from SF to Bend, Crater Lake, down to Pacific coast and along the coast back to SF.

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