Voigtlander 42.5 Macro lens

Day one with my Voigtlander 42.5 Macro lens and I could not be happier with it! The Voigtlander provides a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 85mm when used on Micro Four Thirds body. It is a manual focus prime lens that can produce a beautiful bokeh when using a shallow depth of field. The minimum focusing distance is 9.06″ and Canon’s 100mm f/2.8 II Macro is 12″. The Voigtlander was a little heavier than I thought it would be at 1.26 lbs but it is still lighter than Canon’s 100mm macro which is 1.38 lbs.

I have been using the OlympusOM-D E-M1 Mark II Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera with the Olympus ED 12-40mm f/2.8 lens attached and it has been great. I have been able to get extremely close and capture very sharp flower images; and I tried out the Olympus 60mm macro lens it was good. But I have been searching for a macro lens that would be fun to experiment with and have the ability to capture soft gorgeous backgrounds and dreamy flowers. I read a lot of great reviews about the Voigtlander and I have not been disappointed.

After my first session with the lens I had almost given up trying to capture a sharp or semi-sharp image while handholding– but as it turned out when I just put my eye to the eyepiece and didn’t use the live view screen I was able to achieve sharp focus quite easily. I actually had to back off the sharpness just a bit to create the look I wanted for these shots.

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography Dahlia

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Dahlia

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Dahlia

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Backlit Rose

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Backlit Rose

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Backlit Rose

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Backlit Rose

* All images in this post were captured using either an f/0.95 or f/1.4

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  1. Jay S Kaplan says:

    Lovely, were you doing any post processing or are the results just as they came out of the camera. It does not make a difference to me, but these are absolutely wonderful. Are you going to have to update some of those e-books if you keep using that Voigtlander?

    Thank you Jay, I didn’t do anything but add a touch of sharpening.
    Who knows, this lens may be the subject of a new eBook 🙂


  2. Sharon Hallowell says:

    All beautiful and my fav is that 3rd yellow Dahlia. Thanks so much for sharing! Have you heard any news from Canon about whether they may come out with a comparable camera to the Olympus?

    Hi Sharon, Thanks you. I haven’t heard about them coming out with a 5-axis image stabilization camera body which is why I use the Olympus, plus the articulating screen-the best around.

  3. Sandi Brittain says:

    As always, your images are absolutely beautiful! Looks like the Voigtlander is a perfect match to your style of shooting. Reminds me of a lensbaby type of look. Are you using any of the focus peaking tools with the Olympus or just eyeballing what appears to be in focus? Thanks again for sharing your stunning creativity!

    Thank you so much. Focus peaking is not available when working with Legacy Lenses with this body. There is a work around, I just have not gotten there yet. I am use to manually focusing so I guess I haven’t needed it but it would be helpful.

  4. Tom Rostron says:

    WOW. These pics are beautiful as usual Denise. I love them. Just can’t get any better than this.

    Thanks so much Tom 🙂

  5. Nancy Bell says:

    Simply stunning images, Denise! You and the camera are one from the vision in your mind to the image on the back of the camera!

    Thanks so much Nancy, it was great seeing you again 🙂

  6. Richard Gold says:

    Does it seem strange that an f/0.95 lens is selling for $800?

    No, I don’t think I would pay more for one for the Micro-four thirds body.

  7. Emily Mitchell says:

    Beautiful collection. But ugh….now I want one!

    Thanks Emily, if you like to focus manually then it’s a great lens!

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