Shaker Village, Kentucky

I just got home late last night from my Shaker Village workshop in Kentucky. It was a private workshop that I conducted for the Garden Club of America. I was assisted by Sharon Klass and Tom Wester, both helped me out enormously and I truly appreciated it. Along with the 18 participants Tom, Sharon and I had a great time exploring the village and surrounding areas; including the Woodford Distillery and the world famous Keeneland racetrack. A special thank you to Kim DeCamp from the Lexington GCA for hosting our group at Keeneland. Kim went out of her way to meet us early to make sure we were able to access the track before they opened to see the horses run.

With 18 eager to learn participants I didn’t get a chance to take too many photos but my assistants and I arrived to the village a day early to shoot. Here are a few of my favorites.

The double spiral staircase was one of the main attractions in the village for me. I took shots of the staircase from the bottom and from the top. All of my images were captured handheld with my OlympusOM-D E-M1 Mark II Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera and the Olympus ED 12-40mm f/2.8 lens. The very top image is the staircase shot from the top, converted to B&W.

The Cheese Pumpkin below was captured just outside of the restaurant at the village. I photographed it while we were waiting for dinner. I saw that the colors looked different from most of the other pumpkins and that is what drew me in. Since I was doing several different Photoshop sessions I wanted some source material from the venue and I knew this pumpkin would give me plenty of post processing opportunities to demo different effects. I used Topaz Glow 2 to enhance the lines and funk of the pumpkin. Next I zoomed and warped the pumpkin, I really loved the strong curved lines that I was able to create with the warping. For more on how I use filters and effects in Photoshop or plug-ins check out my “Guide to Creative Filters & Effects II” eBook, edited by Carol Carson.

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Topaz Glow applied

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Topaz Glow and Warped

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ I liked the wall of bottles at the distillery.

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ High-key capture of a tree in the village with the famous Lexington fences.

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12 Responses

  1. Eloise Carson says:

    Denise, I can’t thank you, Tom and Sharon for leading such a fun and informative workshop. I’ve received very positive comments back from the participants. I love watching you create the magic in your images. You make it look so easy, but I know you’ve put in the hours perfecting your craft. You inspired us all to explore the artistic potential of our photographs. All three of you were very helpful in the field to those not as knowledgeable about their camera settings.
    Always a pleasure to spend time with you. My best, Eloise

    Hi Eloise, thank you so much for the kind words, it was definitely our pleasure! We all talked about how much we enjoyed our time with the GCA members and at the village.
    hugs, denise

  2. Jim Fennessy says:

    I haven’t finished looking through my Kenya photos and you have already finished another workshop and turned a simple pumpkin into a work of art. Your staircases, like your trees, are always magnificent.

    Hi Jim, thank you kindly, I appreciate it.

  3. Dennis Bishop says:

    I love those pumpkins. And what you did to them. That staircase is a must-shoot. I saw it in person decades ago. I really like your version of it.

    Hi Dennis, thank you so much. I always appreciate hearing from you.

  4. Jean Graham says:

    Denise you just do such fantastic work. I’ve never used photoshop but would love to learn someday. I enjoy following you and your art!

    Hi Jean, thank you so much, I appreciate it.

  5. eloise carson says:

    ps – what about that upper left corner in the staircase?

    Yes, I didn’t fix this one!

  6. Sally Foster says:

    The staircase reminds me that you have a good “eye” for subject matter and the ability to turn something fairly common into something extraordinary.

    Thank you kindly Sally, I appreciate it.

  7. Sue Harvey Eberhart says:

    Always learn something new when I read your posts. Thank you, Denise.

    Hi Sue, thanks so much!

  8. Michael barnes says:

    I like the pumpkin with the wrap effect . I do not have Topaz Glow 2 is that how you got the tight smooth look.

    Hi Michael, no, I did a zoom blur and then warped the pumpkin to get a smooth look.
    thanks, denise

  9. Michael Zajac says:

    Love the staircase shot and the warped pumpkin. You have a great eye for composition.

    Thanks so much Michael, I appreciate your kind words.

  10. Sharon klass says:

    Thank you so much Denise for offering me the opportunity to work with you and this fabulous group from GCA at Shaker Village. They are terrifically creative and lots of fun!

    Hi Sharon, thank you again for all your help, you were terrific!

  11. Ann Franzen says:

    Every minute of the Shaker Village Workshop was a treat. Thank you so much for the instruction and exposure to such lovely places.

    Hi Ann, it is always a pleasure to be in your company! Loved your images, especially the Okra.

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