Intimate Dunes

I am out west for a week and my first evening shoot was at Eureka Dunes. It was great fun watching the light move around the dunes as the sun sets, casting shadows and creating different visual effects. On my next day at Death Valley NP, I photographed at Mesquite Dunes. The top image and the image directly below are from Eureka Dunes. The other two are from Mesquite Dunes. I like creating intimate scenes when working at sand dunes, especially in the middle of the day or when long shadows are not cooperating 🙂 . As I have said many times-“when the light is not right, work tight”. I’ll share some of my Artist’s Drive, Red Cathedral and Golden Canyon shots soon.
All photographs were captured handheld with my Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera and my Olympus ED 12-40mm f/2.8 lens.

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Eureka Dunes

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Mesquite Dunes

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography ~ Mesquite Dunes

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16 Responses

  1. Pam Corckran says:

    Beautiful, Denise. I love the flow. Can’t believe you captured these with your Olympus.

    Thank you Pam, the Olympus rocks for these!

  2. Dave Klein says:

    These images are stellar, Denise – I absolutely love the flow, lines and textures! I hope one day to get to Death Valley, particularly on a workshop of yours !

    Thank you Dave, can’t wait for the trip!

  3. Dennis Bishop says:

    I could never pick a favorite out of these. They’re all so good.

    Hi Dennis, thank you so much!

  4. James Saxon says:

    Love the patterns in the sand. When I visited Death Valley I felt I was in the middle of nowhere. Limited and/or no cell service, but that was ok because it let me concentrate on making images. It’s a great place. Enjoy your trip.

    Thanks James, I am loving it!

  5. Evie young says:

    So lively Denise. They look like a sand version of the Palouse.

    Thank you Evie, yes, they do!!

  6. Sharon Hallowell says:

    The top 2 are milk, smooth and creamy. The bottom 2 are Quik, granular. My eyes loved exploring these!

    Hi Sharon, Thank you! That is a great analogy!

  7. Sue Harvey Eberhart says:

    Oh my, how exciting to see these stunning images of a most unique place. Just wonderful!

    Hi Sue, thank you kindly. I can’t wait for our special trip!

  8. Herman Lugo says:

    Impressive contrast, light and form in the first two images. The last two in B&W look soft granular waves of sand almost drawn by hand. Beautiful work Denise! All hand held with an Olympus mirrorless?

    Thank you Herman for your very kind words, and yes, they were all hand held with the OlympusOM-D E-M5 Mark II Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera.


  9. RR says:

    Great captures of the shifting sands. Elegance of the interactions in nature.

    Rich Doerr

    Hi Rich, thank you very much. I appreciate it.

  10. Rona Schwarz says:

    Love these! The lines, textures and patterns are marvelous! Can’t pick a favorite – they are all lovely!

    HI Rona, Thanks so much. I appreciate your kind words!

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