Secluded Slot Canyons

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography

After going through Lower Antelope Slot Canyon, my friend and I made arrangements to visit two other canyons that were a bit more remote. Each of these canyons limited the amount of visitors during each session. It felt like I had the canyons to myself because even though I went with a friend we never even saw each other the entire time we were photographing, except when we went looking for each other.

It was a fantastic day! I was able to set up my tripod and explore the canyons on my own. I loved it! I will admit that Lower Antelope had some beautiful canyon walls that I would love to go back and photograph again and again–even with the huge crowds. But there was a sense of peace in these slot canyons that I didn’t feel in the other one. For me it was about the adventure, about being able to look at a subject and have the time to explore all the possibilities.

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography

Image © 2017/Denise Ippolito Photography

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24 Responses

  1. Sharon Hallowell says:

    These are all pretty cool…what a neat place! I like (0335) with all the flowing lines.

    Thank you Sharon, The vertical is my favorite too!

  2. Keith Carver says:

    Hi Denise, these are all great! My fave is the vertical, fourth down after the text. I would love to visit the slot canyons but my ancient bones say otherwise. 🙂 Best wishes,

    Hi Keith, thank you so much! I appreciate your taking the time to comment.

  3. Gary Goelitz says:


    Could you please tell me what arrangements did you have to make and with whom? Is this going to be a future workshop location for you?

    Hi Gray, email sent and yes a future workshop for sure! I added your name to the interested list and it will probably be in 2018 or 2019 or both for late Oct-Nov.

  4. Sue Harvey Eberhart says:

    Somehow you keep outdoing yourself, Denise. These images are spectacular!

    Hi Sue, thank you so much!

  5. Lesliediana says:

    Your images have such a cathedral vibe. Fabulous.

    Hi Lesliediana, thank you kindly, they are a spiritual place for sure.

  6. Jim Fennessy says:

    Amazingly beautiful images. The art that you bring to these images. Wow. If you have a workshop there, sign me up.

    Hi Jim, thank you kindly and I will add your name to the interested list!

  7. Richard Benton says:

    Hi Denise,I was wondering why you didn’t include your gear (I am guessing Canon 5D III or IV,with 14mm? Thank you,best regards,Richard.

    Hi Richard, sorry, I just forgot. I am shooting with the 5D Mark IV now, don’t have the III anymore. I used the 24-105mm lens and the 16mm lens for these. Thank you.

  8. Ann Gillis says:

    Beautiful! Would you consider doing a workshop there???

    Hi Ann, yes, that is what I am getting together at this time-not sure when I will announce it but I added you to the interested list and you will get first notification.
    thank you, denise

  9. Neil Hickman says:

    Simply stunning! Were multiple exposures required for these?

    Hi Neil, Thank you kindly! None of these are multiple exposures though I did do a few while I was there 🙂

  10. Beautiful secluded places are becoming harder to find. So many have become too crowded. Looks like you discovered one of the beautiful places.

    Thanks Richard, much appreciated 🙂

  11. Greg Coman says:

    Love your work! I was in the Lower Antelope this August, and was thinking how I’d love to have that place to myself, so happy to know there are more secluded slot canyons around.

    Thank you so much Greg. Yes, they are around and I agree-to have Lower to myself–I could only dream!

  12. Ron May says:

    Beautiful images. These must be incredible places to see in person, let alone photograph.

    Hi Ron, Thank you kindly. Yes, they are amazing for sure!

  13. Dave Klein says:

    Truly amazing images Denise! I went there once while on a family vacation to the NPs of Utah and got some good images but felt the pressure to keep moving due to the crowds. It was exhilarating and frustrating at the same time. You captured their essence beautifully!

    Hi Dave, Along with the pressure to get a shot is the pressure to get out of the way! It can be tricky, but there are so many slot canyons that aren’t as crowded.

  14. Edith Levy says:

    Gorgeous Denise. I was just there in early October and went to a couple of slot canyons as well. It is just incredible.

    Hi Edith, It was fun for sure, I’ll go check out your shots!

  15. Carmenza says:

    Denise, this are amazing, are you planing a workshop there?

    Hi Carmenza, Thank you so much and yes, I am planning on one in late Oct-Nov of 2018 if all goes well. I will add your name to the interested list and you will get first notification.

  16. Barbara Sepples says:

    We had heard from a photographer that Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons were extremely crowded so we found this place and had the whole area to ourselves. Let us know if you’re going to do a workshop.

    Will do, thanks.

  17. Dale Watkins says:

    Fabulous photo’s of the slot canyons Denise! Just happened to see a Youtube video of you and Arthur Morris doing a session on the many places you’ve captured bird photographs, and I was mesmerized! I’m now following you on FB, so hopefully I’ll keep up with much of what your doing, and find even more intrigued to get out and shoot even more! I’m heading out tomorrow on a Bald Eagle shoot here in British Columbia, and next week a 4 day shoot on the Skagit river in Washington with a group coming up from Oregon, as the salmon are running, and the Eagles should be plentiful. Was looking for some ‘tips’ while watching you and Arthur Morris, so thank you for those! I’m fairly new to ‘birding’ but very much enjoy it! I can now get out to 600mm, but working on my ‘clarity’ thus another reason for watching your video. 🙂 Thanks so much, and safe travels!

    Hi Dale, thank you kindly, I will look for your Eagle shots on FB. I did write a book on Bird Photography Compositions if you decide you need help with that.

  18. Dale Watkins says:

    Quickly, I wanted to mention a group of us went to the Slot Canyons last summer (I now forget which one) but they had a rule at the time, where you couldn’t take a backpack, a flash or tripod, so I obviously took the wrong tour, albeit, it was nice just to get a brief look, so I’ll know more for next time! At any rate, I got a couple of decent images, but nothing fantastic, as hand-holding in low light wasn’t ideal. Yes, if you ever have a workshop, I may be interested as well Denise. Thanks.

    Hi Dale,
    Thank you and welcome to my blog. I should be putting one together for 2018. If not 2019 for sure. I agree, that it was terrific just to be there!

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