How to Download My eBooks

When you initially decide to purchase an eBook, you will be directed to a site called Content Shelf. This is where my eBooks can be purchased and the site will automate the process. You will need to follow these basic directions once you are in Content Shelf:

After you hit the Buy Now button in Content Shelf you will be transferred to Paypal to pay the price of the ebook or file. You can choose to pay with credit card or Paypal. Upon completion of payment you will be instructed to return to the vendor site (Content Shelf) which will be your confirmation page with immediate access to your ebook or file. You will also receive an email confirmation of your order.
Below is a copy of the email that you will receive after you pay for the file– please click where it says login here.


*Please note that you may pay with either credit card or Paypal but you must fill in all of the required fields on both sites. This process needs to automated as I travel so much and I can not possibly keep up with sending out the eBooks myself. Please take a moment to read through this carefully before emailing me. Thank you very much .  🙂

*To view my eBooks that are for sale simply click on the “eBook” tab at the top of any page.

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