July Edition 2014

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Image © 2014/Denise Ippolito Photography
Happy 4th of July America!!

The above image is a 3 image HDR Art Vivid created in camera with the Canon 5D Mark III in New York at Grand Central Terminal during one of my workshops there. To create the image I simply zoomed my 24-105mm lens during the last of the 3 frames-yes, you need to be fast! The mis-alignment added some outlines to the stars and stripes! The interesting part to me is that the stripes were not zoomed during the exposure.

This is a fun video sent in by friend/client Terry Jackson. I first met Terry when I went to Canada to do a couple of programs. He was with Artie and me on our recent Holland trip. Take a few minutes to enjoy it! I love the music :) Terry said that there were 500 shots included in this 4 minute video!!

2 Responses

  1. This is a fantastic video with happy, toe-tapping music! Thoroughly enjoyable! Thanks to Terry for creating it.

    • Terry Jackson

      Thanks Nancy,
      Hard to pick favorite shots from Holland so why not incude them all :)
      Was quick and easy to do – plus the Happy song mkes it fun

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