September Edition 2014

I am very sorry to announce that at this time the MiniMag will end its 2 year long publication. Cheryl Slechta and I will be traveling extensively and we will not have the time needed to dedicate ourselves to this magazine. We have enjoyed having all of you along for the ride and we thank you ALL for your loyal support. We may resume the MiniMag again at some time but there are no plans at this time. I will be leaving the website as is so you can still access all of the Archives.
Again, thank you all for your loyal support.
Denise and the gang :)

21 Responses

  1. Sue Eberhart

    I am sure going to miss the MiniMag!

  2. Ilene Meyers

    Bummer! I enjoy reading everything that you write here. Enjoy your traveling!

  3. Nancylee mudd

    I’ll miss this great learning resource. Thanks for leaving it here for reference and for hope that you might picket up again.

  4. Grahame Hamblin

    Me too

  5. Jim Howell

    It’s been a great two years! Thanks for all your efforts and for leaving the archived issues.
    Wishing you the very best.

  6. Pam Corckran

    Denise, This has been a wonderful mini mag with very informative and interesting articles. I will miss it.

  7. Cindy Garnett

    Sorry to see this go! Have enjoyed it.

  8. Diane Raum

    Where will you be posting pictures? A blog of your travels would be nice.

  9. GeorgAnna Griffin

    I will miss the MiniMag very much! I have learned a lot from the various contributors.

  10. Mary Jo Stetkiw

    sorry to see this go. have enjoyed your mag very much and learned a lot.

  11. kim Stringer

    As long as the move is up and more fun I am happy for you but I will miss that feature, Will you still keep us informed and keep posting your wonderful photos?

  12. Jim Amato

    Denise and the Gang,
    The Mini Mag is a great source of inspiration, ideas and techniques. And an introduction to many talented photographers. We all will miss the Mini Mag.
    Hope that the previously archived issues will be available.
    Thank you for all your hard work to present the Mini Mag. Jim Amato

  13. Thanks for all your work on this, Denise. It has been a valuable resource to me.

  14. James Saxon

    Sorry to see it go. I learned a lot and picked up a lot of tips from the publication. Enjoy your travels.

  15. Always looked forward to the MiniMag, I sure will miss it. I always wondered how you had the time to publish it. A BIG THANK YOU to Denise and all involved for its great two year run!

  16. NancyT

    Sorry to hear this….learned a lot….

  17. Wishing you guys the very best of luck, Denise. I fully understand the time constraint. Will see you on the web. :-)

  18. John Haedo

    Are you going to keep the archives?

  19. I’ve enjoyed reading, learning and being inspired via the mini mag for many years. I’ll miss it and I’m glad that the archives will still be available.

  20. denise

    Thank you all for the kind send -off. The archives will remain up on this page. I will still be writing my blog and sharing my adventures and ideas with all of you. The MiniMag was and is very special to me. I am happy we had 2 years :)

  21. Thank you so much for creating the MiniMag,,,I love reading it & learning from you & your fellow photographers…Hope to sign up for one of your workshops someday…