The Art of Flower Photography-$29.00

I am very proud to announce the publication of my newest eBook titled “The Art of Flower Photography”. This 203 page eBook with more than 140 images is available for $29.00. This eBook replaces my “Softer Side of Macro” eBook that has been discontinued. There is not much overlap between this and Bloomin” Ideas, they are very different eBooks.

The Project

This eBook was conceived by me six months ago. It is the result of many hundreds of hours of work. I’d like to thank Carol Carson for her careful review“s” of the manuscript and also to Stephen Talabac for his evaluation of the lay out.

Inside the eBook

Along with a lot of new images I share lots of new techniques that we have been teaching at our lectures, workshops and seminars for years.

We cover lens, gear, and accessory selection, in-the-field techniques, image design and composition, understanding and using the light, getting the right exposure, aperture choice and depth-of-field, focusing techniques, Lightpad photography and a variety of post processing and Photoshop techniques. Among others.

Denise Ippolito

Denise has been involved with flowers for much of her life. She is a fifth generation florist who owned and operated a successful flower shop. Subsequently, she then ran first one and then another garden center for the next ten years. Denise has since become a skilled flower photographer; and she has succeeded admirably. Her incredibly creative mind led her to experimenting with both in-the-field techniques and creative post processing effects using Photoshop and several plug-in applications to create the artistic flower renditions that are presented in this eBook.

The Index


Here are what some folks are saying about the eBook:


I have been working my way through the “Art of Flower Photography” and it is both a feast for the eyes and quite informative. Looking forward to having the time to get through the whole book. You and Art have outdone yourselves this time.

Ken Kovak

Hi Denise,

I’ve just had time to do a quick browse through the book, but it already has me excited to get out and take some macro flower shots. (Something I’ve neglected of late.)

From what I have read so far, your book offers a great combination of examples of the various techniques and effects with easy to follow instructions. Some of the techniques are new to me, and others are ones I just need to “revive” and play with again. I had to smile at the flips as I remembered the great work of Dave Phillips. (Thanks for mentioning him.)

Your book was just what I needed today to get the “creative juices” flowing,

Cindy Cone

Artie and Denise have outdone themselves with “The Art of Flower Photography.” Gorgeous photos with careful explanation of the production technique for camera and computer. A valuable addition to my photography library!
Art Buesing

If you love to photograph flowers, get this book! So many great tips and ideas!

Mary Stamper


“Bloomin’ Ideas” by Denise Ippolito

In “Bloomin’ Ideas” I present an overview of the in-the-field and post-processing techniques that I have used and developed over the past few years to make my flower images special. This eBook features 55 of my favorite images. Those who love photographing flowers as much as I do will want to get their copy as soon as possible. *Knowledge of Photoshop layers and layer masks is recommended.

This 105 page, 12,000 word eBook available only through A Creative Adventure for $24.00 is available as a PDF download. Use your paypal account or credit card by selecting the ADD TO CART button below.
Your eBook will be sent via email.

Here is what my colleagues have to say about Bloomin’ Ideas:

“From its beautiful cover image (KnockOut Rose with texture overlay and Fractalius) to the color wheel on page 102, Denise Ippolito’s latest offering is filled with her evocative flower images. Her work features uncommon perspectives, simple but powerful image designs, and soft colors–she is not at all afraid of being feminine. Denise uses a multitude of in-camera and post-processing techniques (including a variety of filters and effects) to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and to turn almost any image into a piece of fine art. To do this she employs her incredible vision, her unbridled creativity, and her Photoshop skills. In Bloomin’ Ideas she will–in her informal, easy to read and easy to follow style–teach you to expand your creativity and greatly improve your flower photography skills. Whether behind the lens or sitting in front of a computer Denise Ippolito is the most consistently creative person I know.”

Arthur Morris Canon Explorer of Light Photographer, world renowned bird photographer, writer, educator, and a founding member of NANPA. Author of “The Art of Bird Photography”.


“Denise turns flower photography into a new realm of creativity. There are tons of flower images out there, but Denise’s PDF book Bloomin’ Ideas will help you stand out in this over crowded field. Bloomin’ Ideas is a must for anyone photographing flowers as it is Graphic, Creative, Beautiful, Insightful, Educational, and just a great learning experience.”

Darrell Gulin Canon Explorer of Light Photographer, past president of NANPA, and workshop leader for Joe Van Os Photo Safaris and Rocky Mountain School of Photography.


“Anyone who loves taking pictures of flowers and who is looking for some new ideas, is bound to be inspired by this book.!”

Ellen Anon Co-author of Photoshop CS5 for Nature Photographers. An active member of NANPA and an instructor for their high school scholarship program.

Andrew McLachlan“If you love photographing wildflowers and cultivars like me, then Bloomin’ Ideas is a must have eBook that is sure to transform your flower images into stunning works of art. Follow Denise’s suggestions for perfect backgrounds, adding textures, and the use various software that will take your blossoms to new heights of creativity.”


Gloria Hopkins “Denise Ippolito has outdone herself (again). Her new book “Bloomin’ Ideas” sports one of the most beautiful flower images I’ve ever seen.


Alaska Wilderness Images Highly recommended. An imaginative, rousing glimpse into the thought process, and workflow of this prolific artist, and skilled technician.
Denise is a master at what I classify as new media fine art photography. The techniques in this eBook are certain to help you imagine and execute your own artistic vision. The utterly brilliant cover image clearly illustrates photography taken to a fresh creative dimension.




“Impressions of Bosque del Apache” by Denise Ippolito


The photographic opportunities and the overwhelming number of birds along with the gorgeous sunrise and sunset colors took me by surprise. I fell in love with the natural beauty of the place, it felt as though my soul was touched. When I returned home I immediately started writing down my thoughts and compiling my many images. I knew I needed to get an eBook together and share this magical place. I used to wonder what the draw to Bosque was- now I know. This is the kind of place you need to experience for yourself. I am hoping that my eBook will give you inspiration to create the type of images that only come from deep inside. I want to fill your head with visions of color and light and soft romantic hues. Free your inner creativity and express yourself through your images utilizing ideas and thoughts that you may not have had before reading my eBook.
This 127 page 3,900 word eBook with over 100 of my signature images is available as a PDF download for $16.00.


“A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects” by Denise Ippolito


Foreword by Arthur Morris:
“Denise Ippolito is about as creative, as hardworking, and as dedicated a photographer as you will ever come to know. And over the past four years I have come to know her quite well. Her creativity is—as you will come to see as you are reading her Filter Guide—totally amazing. She can look at an average image, a simple snapshot, heck, even a bad photograph, and in seconds know exactly how to turn it into a piece of art using this filter or that effect. And then do just that in minutes. And most of the time she is working with the beautiful images of flowers and birds that she is so good at creating.

To quote our mutual friend, Kerry Perkins, one of Denise’s co-moderators on the BPN Out of the Box Forum where she has worked tirelessly helping other to improve their photography for more than two years, “First off, I want to say that the Filter Guide is an amazing work. There is so much information and so many wonderful images that I am just blown away that you managed to get it all together in one document! Wonderful work Lady D!”

Denise has worked incredibly hard on “A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects” and at the same time, worked incredibly hard at improving her writing skills. I congratulate her here on two jobs well done.” arthur morris/Indian Lake Estates, Florida. January 30, 2011


Below is a list of the filters and effects that are detailed in the Filter Guide. Filters with the ($) symbol require a separate purchase. Most of the others are Photoshop filters and one is a free download. The Filter Guide includes links to all available free trial downloads so that you can try before you buy. Though–as above–many of the filters can be found in various versions of Photoshop, most folks–including me before I edited this guide–have no clue that they exist and no clue as to how to use them. Each detailed tutorial section is written in a clear, concise, simple, easy to follow style that can be followed even by someone opening up Photoshop for the first time

* Topaz Simplify, Clean, & BuzSim Filter ($)
* Flaming Pear Filter (including Swerve ($), Twist ($) & Vein-a free download)
* Fractalius (including Denise’s Soft-Fix preset creation) ($–Windows only)
* Adding Texture (Photoshop)
* NIK Color Efex Pro including Midnight Filter ($)
* Omni Lighting (Photoshop)
* Pinch Filter (Photoshop)
* Twirl Filter (Photoshop)
* Ripple Filter (Photoshop)
* Radial Blur (Photoshop)
* Find Edges Filter (Photoshop)
* Orton Effect (Photoshop)
* Blank Canvas Creations! (Photoshop)
* The Mixer Brush
* The New Paste Special Option in CS-5 (Photoshop)
* DAP ($)
* Polar Coordinates and Mini-Worlds (Photoshop)
* Holiday Lights Creations (Photoshop)
* Snap Art 2 Impasto Filter ($)
* Creating Composites (Photoshop)
* Creating Your Own Brush Presets (Photoshop)
* Using Blend Modes Creatively
* Using Layer Masks and Inverse Layer Masks Creatively (CS versions of Photoshop)
* Kaleidoscopes (Free Plug-in, Windows only)
* Combinations of all of the above!


A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects is available as a PDF download for only $16.00.
*Please note that there is an updated version of this eBook available.



“A Guide to Pleasing Blurs” by A. Morris and Denise Ippolito

This 20,701 word, 271 page PDF is illustrated with 144 different, exciting, and artistic images. The guide covers the basics of creating pleasingly blurred images, the factors that influence the degree of blurring, the use of filters in creating pleasing blurs, and a great variety of both in-the-field and Photoshop techniques that can be used to create pleasingly blurred images.

They will teach you many different ways to move your lens during the exposure to create a variety of pleasingly blurred images of flowers and trees and water and landscapes. They will teach you to recognize situations where subject movement can be used to your advantage to create pan blurs, wind blurs, and moving water blurs. They will teach you to create zoom-blurs both in the field and during post-processing. Denise shares her flower blur magic as well as a variety of creative Photoshop techniques that she has developed.

With the advent of digital capture creating blurred images has become a great and inexpensive way to go out with your camera and have fun. And while many folks think that making successful blurred images is the result of being a sloppy photographer nothing could be further from the truth. In “A Guide to Pleasing Blurs” Artie and Denise will help you to unleash your creative self.

Price: $33.00




Fractastic–A Creative User eGuide for the Redfield Fractalius Filter:

Fractalius is a Windows Photoshop plug-in. Mac folks will need to run Bootcamp, Parallels, or VM Ware to use Fractalius; they can learn more here. It is hard to describe what Fractalius actually does to an image but this is how the Redfield Company explains it: the Fractalius plug-in creates unusual, eccentric artworks in a single step. The effects are based on the extraction of the so-called hidden fractal texture of an image. You can also simulate various types of exotic lighting and high-realistic pencil sketches. Each individual image will react differently to the filter, so exact results are not guaranteed.

Denise Ippolito gave Fracting a huge boost in popularity about three years ago as moderator of the Out-of-the-Box Forum at BirdPhotographers.Net. One of those whom she introduced to Fractalius was Andrew Mclachlan who wrote the popular “Ontario Landscapes – A Photographers Guide” for BAA Books. Denise came up with the idea of teaming up with Andrew to write and illustrate a Fract eGuide more than a year ago. The spectacular result: Fractastic.

In this fantastic eGuide the authors begin by explaining the usually mystifying Fractalius interface in clear, easy-to-understand terms. They even managed to make sense of the Colorize Mode button and the two large Asterisks at the top of the interface. The main body of the guide consists of more than two dozen intriguingly beautiful Fracted images with explanatory notes and screen captures of the settings that Andrew and Denise used to create their artistic works. You can use these settings to replicate the various effects that they have developed. Many of their creations are based on Fractalius pre-sets.

The guide will teach you how to effectively apply many of the Fractalius pre-sets and how to create and save your own. The final section is an inspirational gallery of more than 35 superb Fracted images by Andrew, Denise, yours truly, and Cheryl Slechta who helped with the final proofreading.

NOTE 1: Fractalius works just fine in Elements. And Elements 9, 10 & 11 offer Layers and Layer Masks so that you can fine-tune your Fracts.




“The Barnegat Jetty Site Guide” by Denise Ippolito

The Barnegat Jetty is considered the best place in the Northeast to view and photograph a variety of sea ducks and wintering shorebirds most noticeably Harlequin Duck and Purple Sandpiper. The jetty is very long. And can be very dangerous. Denise, who spends many days each winter season on the jetty, knows what birds you will find there and where and when you will find them. She shares her favorite conditions and her tricks for getting close. And she will keep you safe while you are there, the same way she kept me safe as a good portion of the guide deals with safety issues.
The Barnegat Jetty Site Guide will help to ensure that your very first visit to this great bird photography location is both productive and safe. Denise explains the effects of the winds and the tides and the light on the photographic opportunities.

The Barnegat Site Guide (6190 words, 68 images) is available as a PDF download for only $22.00.



Customer Comments:

Denise & Andrew,
I just purchased, downloaded and read the entire Fractalius e-guide. Fantastic! You both did a great job. I love the screen captures of pre-sets and the very clear explanations for each one. I have used fractalius quite a bit and I learned plenty.
Andrew, I have always admired those fracted frogs of yours and now I know you sit in pond water to capture the originals! And Denise, you know I’m a huge fan of your beautiful flower photography, fracted or not fracted!
So, very well done and I hope lots of people buy your e-guide.
Nancy Bell
Livermore, CO

Posted on my blog by Kathleen Anderson:
I ordered “A Guide to Pleasing Blurs” yesterday and read a huge chunk of it this morning. It may be the best $33 I’ve spent on photography in a long time! My own style is crisp and sharply-focused and I’ve been thinking of adding a more artistic effect to some images. This PDF gives me way more ideas than I could possibly have come up with on my own. The images are great and so are the detailed instructions. It’s well worth buying if you’re looking to add something different to your repertoire. My favorites? Artie’s ‘Wildebeest Jumping’ which looks like a prehistoric cave painting and Denise’s stunning ‘White Fox’.

By e-mail from Paul Lagasi:
I Came, I Read, I Blurred. Just finished the “The Guide to Pleasing Blurs.” It’s a good read and there is lots of useful info, some really “wow” images.
Way to go Denise and Artie.

Posted on Artie’s blog by Fabrizio Giudici:
Bought, and it’s well worth while.

By e-mail from Denis Glennon:
My initial look through the blur guide indicates that it will be a very worthwhile contribution to photography. Congratulations.

Here’s what Peter Kes had to say:
Denise, Congratulations on this masterpiece, an impressive piece of work. The subject has been covered very well and it shows how hard you and Art have worked on it. I can recommend everyone to get a copy of this creative book!

Here’s what Andrew McLachlan had to say:
Denise, Absolutely great work. Just downloaded the Blur Guide today, also another wonderful piece of work.
Andrew McLachlan

Here’s what Sean Thompson had to say about “A Guide to Pleasing Blurs”:
It’s fantastic! It’s exactly what I was looking for. The information on second curtain flash and how to expose for the ambient light is great! I had already been playing with blurs with trees and flowers so I did have some knowledge on how to do the techniques. What I find to be most helpful is all the information that is included. It helps me get the specific type of blur I envisioned. Not so much reliance on luck. The information about anchor points for blast offs was very helpful. I was just up at the Chincoteague Snow Goose pond shooting and I saw those very problems with the blurs I was trying to shoot there.
Thanks to both you and Denise for this great guide!
Sean Thompson

Here’s what Richard Simonsen had to say:
Dear Artie and Denise,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note about your “Guide to Pleasing Blurs.” I found it fascinating, stimulating and easy to understand.
Many thanks for a great Guide!
Richard Simonsen

Thanks, I have just finished a first reading through this amazing collection of your Bosque impressions. I’ve been there a couple of times in November, will be back this November, and your “Impressio of Bosque” gives me tons of ideas for new fresh photography, especially the blurs. You got some really tack sharp images of cranes and geese as well, and I know those take a lot of skill.
Congrats on a job very well done. I’ll go back through it again tonight and make a few notes to myself to use when I return to the Bosque.
Keith Carver

Had no problems downloading- the guide is fantastic!

I have received your excellent eBook “Impressions of Bosque del Apache”. The images are superb and so is the presentation.
Amal Sircar

Hi Denise,
Finally had a chance to look at your eBook – What a lovely collection of beautiful images, and a very nice introduction to the beauty of Bosque.
I’ve heard so much about the area, but this made me even more eager to visit! Really like the Spur Rd. & Farm Loop Rd. images, as well as the geese in flight, flock bursts, and grass blurs. Some nice helpful tips included as well. Loved the story about the noise of the cranes pulling their feet out of the ice and beautiful poetry to communicate how the place touched your spirit. I like how you include all of the senses in your poetry – really helps to transport the reader, and communicate the richness Bosque has to offer.
Nice work, and thanks for sharing it with us!
Brendan Dozier

Dear Denise,

This weekend I had the chance to go through your eBook in depth. Great pictures and beautiful words to describe your feelings during the Bosque experience! Your blurred and straight images of fire in the mist are unbelievable and captivating. If this are only the first impressions…………..After going through I can hardly wait to go to Bosque again and would love to join this November, but I am struggling with the agenda and have been pushing on some important meetings that were planned long time ago, but not successful so far and time has run out I am afraid. I will hopefully go again next year and hope to enjoy your work and creative expertise again. Keep up your great work and keep many people including myself happy and inspired, best wishes,
Jan van der Greef


I have just finished your Creative filters ebook. I’ve been doing creative things with my photos for the last seven years with many of the filters and plug-ins as you. In your book you mentioned masking and then painting in the features you wanted. I never thought to do that. I usually just saved the image and opened the original and sandwiched them together and changed the opacity and or blending mode. I found your book to be very helpful and informative in my creative approach. Thanks for the book.
Les Greenberg

Hi Denise,

I have been experimenting with some of the different things you have in your “Creative Filters” tutorial. I did one (image attached) and put it into PFLI competition where it scored a perfect 27.
27’s at PFLI are few and far between. Perhaps 2% of the 1500 or so images that go through PFLI in a year score a 27 , so needlees to say , I am thrilled. Thanks for all the great info and the wonderful E-zine that you publish.
Joe Senzatimore

I bought Denise Ippolito’s ebook “The Barnegat Jetty Site Guide” It’s a great book. I recommend it to anyone who wants to photograph on the jetty or any jetty for that matter.
Jerry Fuqua


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