Death Valley Photography Workshop/A Creative Adventure
January 22- 26, 2018
/ 5 Full Days, $1699. Limit: 10 photographers/FULL WAIT

Join me for what will be 5 incredible days of photography at Death Valley National Park in California. The scenery can be almost unbelievable at first. As we will unfold the park’s inner beauty we will at the same time be in awe of it’s rugged exterior. So many great photographers have walked through this grand scape to develop their own artistic vision. Why not develop your own personal style a bit more as you explore this diverse land with me. Let me gently guide you as you compose these majestic vistas and intimate abstracts. This workshop is open to 10 participants. I will have a driver that will assist me with logistics so that I can focus on the group’s needs. Click HERE for more details or to sign up.

Japan In Winter 2018 with Denise Ippolito & Paul McKenzie ~ February 9-24: $9,499.00/double occupancy. Limit 8 FULL WAIT
* 3 Day Kyoto pre-trip extension available.

Join award winning photographers Denise Ippolito and Paul McKenzie on a photographic adventure to Japan. One of our main subjects will be the amazing Snow Monkeys aka Japanese macaque. We will spend approximately 2 ½ days photographing them. When we get to Hokkaido we will be staying right next door to the crane sanctuary that the Red-crowned Cranes fly into daily. We will drive to Lake Kussharo and photograph the beautiful Whooper Swans with the foggy mist from the Onsen. We will drive to Rausu to photograph Steller’s Sea Eagles from a boat. In addition to these main subjects will also have opportunities to photograph White- tailed Sea Eagles, Ural Owl, Red Fox, landscapes and more. For more information CLICK HERE.

The 2018 Namibia ~ A Creative Adventure Photo-Safari: April 15- April 29, 2018 (14 nights): $8999. Limit: 9 photographers 2 spots available My guides for this trip will once again be Wim van den Heever and Ben Cranke from South Africa. *Botswana Pre-trip. For more information CLICK HERE.

Join Denise Ippolito for A Creative Adventure in Venice, Italy ~ May 12th – May 16th, 2018 (5 nights). $3950.00 per person based on double occupancy. Limit 12/ ONE SHARED MALE available
During this photo tour we are staying in the heart of San Marco which can be very expensive. This will place us within walking distance to many of the various sites that we will visit. Some groups stay well outside of the island of Venice to cut costs however we feel it is imperative to be in the center of San Marco so that we do not waste valuable time travelling back and forth every day.
My assistant this year will be Cheryl Slechta, Cheryl is a moderator in the Out-of the Box forum on an online site designed for creative photography. I use to work on that same site and years ago, I hand picked Cheryl to be my assistant on that forum. Now I am bringing her in as my assistant for this workshop. Cheryl lives in Venice part time and enjoys her intimate walks through the city at all times of the year. She loves the culture and “old world feel” as much as I do. When you put together all of the different elements that make up Venice it becomes a fantastic photographic location. For more information CLICK HERE.

The Palouse ~ A Creative Adventure/Photo Tour of Eastern Washington State. May 22-26, 2018
5 Full Days: $1699/Limit 10

Join me for what will be my best Palouse trip yet. I have a few new spots to share as well as some new techniques- both in the field and in post-processing 🙂 . This past year I feared that I had gotten to the Palouse too early with my first group, however my images and my experiences told a different story. Instead of sweating my buns off like usual I realised that by going early I was able to keep cooler while shooting, I had a huge variety of colors instead of all green. By the end of my last workshop we had returned to one of my favorite rolling hill locations, except that everything was solid green–gone were the multiple color tones and stages of growth that I had so fondly captured just 10 days earlier. For 2018 I want to recreate the magic and go early again. CLICK HERE for details.

Join me, Denise Ippolito on a very fun and exciting photo tour to Vietnam in the Spring of 2018. We will be accompanied by an award winning professional photographer from Vietnam for the entire trip. He speaks English and will be on hand to assist us every step of the way. The images in the card above all belong to our guide- Son Nguyen. Son was recommended to me by one of my very favorite clients who has travelled to Vietnam with Son. This will be my first time visiting Vietnam and I am considering this a scouting trip. Who would like to join me on this unique opportunity to explore some of the many areas of Vietnam. I have included the itinerary below. This tour needs 8. CLICK HERE FOR ITINERARY.
Dates: May 30- June 11, 2018
Price: $3200.00 based on double occupancy
Single Supplement $800.00
Group Size: Limit 8/FULL WAIT

2018 UK Puffins & Gannets Photo Adventure with Denise Ippolito
June 25 through July 2, 2018: $4999, 7 nights. Limit 6 photographers/FULL WAIT

Newly added Bass Rock landing!
This UK trip offers unparalleled opportunities to photograph Atlantic Puffin, Common Murre, Razorbill, Shag, and Gannet. As well as Arctic, Sandwich, and Common Terns. On one of the islands that we stop at Arctic Tern chicks line the pathway. Black-headed, Lesser-Black-backed, and Herring Gulls are constantly harassing the Puffins trying to grab their fish that they bring in by the mouthfuls. This makes for some great photography. But don’t worry the Puffins are quick to slide into their burrows. Every once in awhile you will see a young Puffin peek out from a burrow. One year we had a young Puffin swimming in a shallow pond at arms length! The photography is off the charts on this adventure. I will set you up in the right spots to capture the Puffins flying in loaded with fish hanging from their bills. Up close head shots are a dime a dozen on this trip. For more info CLICK HERE.

Camargue & Provence France Photo Tour /A Creative Adventure
July 8th – July 15th, 2018
/ 7 Nights, $5995 Limit: 10 photographers/ 3 spots

The centerpiece of this workshop will be six sessions photographing the beautiful Camargue horses mostly running in the water or on the beach. There is a wonderful natural bird park in Camargue where we will photograph flamingos and other birds for one evening in usually gorgeous light. The flamingos fly in to feed each evening and we should have opportunities to capture images of them in flight.
After our first four magical days we will visit several different and interesting locations and sites during the trip and will spend part of a day at the market in Arles. An evening shoot in Avignon to photograph the bridge and the magical blue sky should be exciting! In addition, the lavender fields should be at peak bloom during our stay. This is a wonderful opportunity to combine travel photography with stallions, birds, flowers, and lots more. CLICK HERE for more information.

Iceland Camping Adventure with Denise Ippolito
August 6-17th, 2018 (12 days)
Price: $6800.00 per person based on double occupancy

Join me for what will be a unique adventure around the Ring Road in Iceland. Participants will see some of the amazing places that Iceland has to offer from it’s notorious fire and ice locations to its dramatic waterfalls and skies. There is no better way to immerse yourself into this otherworldly location than camping. We will not be roughing it too much, as we will be travelling in camper vans. I have reserved the camper vans for the group and they are included in the tour price. Each camper van is completely equipped with just about everything you will need for this amazing outdoor adventure. If you love nature and being outdoors as much as I do than this is the trip for you. CLICK HERE for more information.

Bandon Oregon Photography Workshop ~ September 4-8th, 2018, $1499.00 Limit: 12 photographers/ 5 spots
This year I am increasing the Bandon workshop by one day-there is just too much to photograph! This 4 day workshop on the coast in Bandon boasts some of the best sea stack photography on the west coast. Our local guide/photographer Susan Dimock lives in Bandon and she will be my assistant for this trip. Her photographs of the sea stacks have pulled me in. Susan is a sweetheart and you will love her photographs and much as you will love her spirit and kind mannerisms. All of the images in the card above are Susans. My last workshop was a great success and all of the clients enjoyed their time in Bandon. Even though Bandon has been hitting the big time with photographers, it still retains the small town feel. This workshop will focus on Sea Stack photography from the beach with long exposures at sunrise and sunset, which should give you plenty of opportunities to fine tune your compositions and exposures. We have also arranged for a couple of horse photo sessions, our last one we enjoyed a young colt galloping in front of the sea stacks. For more info or to register CLICK HERE.

A Creative Adventure ~ Swan Island Dahlia Farm Photography Workshop September 9 -13, 2018
5 FULL DAYS: $1699
Limit: 10 photographers/FULL WAIT
Meet & Greet Sept. 8th at 8pm in the hotel lobby.

Join Denise Ippolito at the Swan Island Dahlia Farm in Canby Oregon (just south of Portland) for a great learning and photography experience. Swan Island features more than 40 acres with over 350 varieties of dahlias in a plethora of colors, shapes and sizes, making it one of the largest growers in the United States.
For more information CLICK HERE.

Kenya, Masai Mara ~ African Safari with Paul McKenzie and Denise Ippolito
September 29- October 9, 2018
/ 11 Nights Limit: 7 photographers/one spot

Kenya, Masai Mara ~ African Safari with Paul McKenzie and Denise Ippolito
October 11- October 19, 2018
/ 9 Nights Limit: 7 photographers/ FULL WAIT

Dalmatian Pelicans with Denise Ippolito ~ Greece/A Creative Adventure
January 26-31, 2019
/ 5 Nights, $3699.00 Limit: 8 photographers/ 3 spots

Photograph beautiful Dalmatian Pelicans in Northern Greece. Our hotel accommodations are located fifteen minutes from Lake Kerkini. This is a huge plus as we will be able to take advantage of great light at a moment’s notice. Lake Kerkini Greece is well known as one of the best locations to photograph Dalmatian Pelicans. This is a great time to use almost every lens in your gear bag. Wide angle shots, close portrait work, flight shots, creative blurs- you name it. Our expert guide knows the area like the back of his hand; he leads photography workshops for some of the most world renowned photographers. CLICK HERE for more info or to sign up.

Japan In Winter 2019 with Denise Ippolito & Paul McKenzie ~ February 9-22nd $9,499.00/double occupancy. Limit 8 /3 SPOTS

Join award winning photographers Denise Ippolito and Paul McKenzie on a photographic adventure to Japan. One of our main subjects will be the amazing Snow Monkeys aka Japanese macaque. We will spend approximately 2 days photographing them. When we get to Hokkaido we will be staying right next door to the crane sanctuary that the Red-crowned Cranes fly into daily. We will drive to Lake Kussharo and photograph the beautiful Whooper Swans with the foggy mist from the Onsen. We will drive to Rausu to photograph Steller’s Sea Eagles from a boat. In addition to these main subjects we should have opportunities to photograph White- tailed Sea Eagles, Ural Owl, Red Fox, landscapes and more.

Lofoten, Norway Aurora Workshop ~ March 1-8, 2019
A Creative Adventure Workshop
8 days and 7 nights – $3999 US, Limited to 10 participants/3 SPOTS

Join Denise Ippolito in Lofoten Norway for a winter wonderland photo tour scheduled for March 1-8, 2019. During this workshop our main focus will be capturing the gorgeous colors and movement of the elusive Aurora Borealis aka, Northern Lights. We will arrive at the very best time to capture the Aurora and it will be our top priority to photograph this incredible show of color and lights. Our second focus will be to capture unique images of this amazing wonderland of snow and ice; the breathtakingly beautiful and world renowned mountains, colorful fjords and pristine beaches, as well as the picturesque and authentic red Lofoten cabins. I have carefully chosen our photography guides as they are extremely familiar with our location as well as our photographic needs. Limit 10 photographers. For more information CLICK HERE.

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens Workshop/Seminar
Charleston, South Carolina with Denise Ippolito ~ March 19, 20, 21, 22 ~ 2019
$1699.00 / Limit 10

During this workshop my goal is to help you capture compelling images using light, color, effective depth of field, sharpness, creative camera techniques and more. Next I want to introduce you to some fun post processing techniques to turn your images into one of a kind works of art.
During the workshop we will visit the beautiful world famous Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, with all its moss covered trees and blooming azaleas it is a photographer’s dream come true. We may also visit the boneyard of skeleton trees on Edisto Island, Old Sheldon Church Ruins, Folly Beach The Ravenel Bridge, Angel Oak and Historic Downtown Charleston to visit Rainbow Row. Formore info or to sign up CLICK HERE.

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile ~ April 4-12th, 2019 with Denise Ippolito
8 nights superior accommodations $7999.00pp.based on double occupancy.
Also included: airport transfers, all transportation, 2 photography excursions daily (weather permitting), entrance fees into Torres del Paine, private horse run photo shoot, 3 meals daily & open bar.
For more information or to sign up CLICK HERE.

Coastal Brown Bear Cubs in Kodiak Alaska ~ July 7-12, 2019
A Creative Adventure Workshop
5 Full days and 2 half days – $6899 Limited to 9/2 SPOTS

Join Denise Ippolito in spectacular Katmai National Park, AK for six days of photographing Coastal Brown Bears. Early July is prime time for viewing and making images of small, young milk-laced mouth cubs. The cubs, and these dates, are so popular that I had to reserve them well in advance to secure them. There are lots of bears each year in June, but the mothers only rarely risk bringing their tiny cubs out in the open for fear of predation by rival bears. In addition to making portraits of both adults and cubs, we hope to photograph the wrestling youngsters and the tender nursing scenes. At this time of year the bears are either grazing in lush grass or clamming. There will also be some two- and three-year old cubs to add to the fun. And we will get to photograph it all. CLICK HERE for more info.


General Workshop Info:

Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of their equipment including but not limited to exposure, f-stops and shutter speed. A 50 % deposit is required to confirm your registration. The full balance is due 60 days prior to the start of the workshop. To sign up for a workshop you can simply make a deposit by Paypal or credit card by clicking on the ADD TO CART button that is directly under each workshop listing. If you have a misc. amount due that is not listed please use the BUY NOW button that is listed just below and follow the easy directions that are posted there.

My General Cancellation Policy for One Day Workshops: Deposit and balance paid will be fully refunded if cancellation is made prior to 120 days before the workshop start date and your slot is filled. A $60.00 processing fee may apply. No refunds will be given if cancellation is made less than 120 days before the workshop start date. Workshops that are longer than one day may have a different cancellation policy so please check my Workshop Policy Page HEREI reserve the right to bring one or two additional clients along on any given workshop. In the event that I am unable to make a trip -every effort will be made to secure a qualified leader.

I am available for private one, two and three day workshops. My rate is $850.00 per day and that will include two shooting sessions and one laptop session per day. My travel expenses and lodging if applicable will be priced accordingly.

I am offering afternoon workshops for camera clubs and other groups. These are a 3-4 hour hands on workshop at the location of your clubs choice. The workshop would be conducted on a Saturday or Sunday and would require a 10 person minimum. Entrance fees to the location would be separate and not included in my fee. Travel expenses and lodging for Out of State Clubs will be priced accordingly.

(Misc. Payment Amounts) If you have an odd amount as a balance due or if you are paying for a private workshop please use this button. Once you have entered an amount you will be directed to a page that will allow you to put in special instructions-please add a description of what the payment is for. If I have any questions I will email you. Thanks



How to Make the Most of Your Workshop Experience

My number one goal is to offer you the very best photographic experience. Please provide me with a gear list and any questions or concerns you may have about your gear upon sign up so that I can offer you my recommendations. During the workshop I will be in the field to assist you with tips on composition, exposure, camera settings and more. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have during and after the workshop. As part of my workshop fee please feel free to send me 5 jpeg images from the trip for critique or simply to share. Please ONLY 5, thank you 🙂

If you are taking a workshop the very first thing to do is come prepared. Make sure you have all your gear in working order and back-up gear in the event something goes wrong. A spare Camera body, extra batteries and additional memory cards, multiple lenses and a camera strap (in case you hand hold). Tripod, flash, flash batteries, camera manual, etc…. If this is a multiple day workshop you will most likely want to bring your laptop to download your memory cards-most folks forget their card readers and hard drives. I also bring a multi-outlet plug so that if the hotel has limited outlets I am prepared. Plenty of extra dry cloths, a spare pair of shoes and large plastic bags in case of rain. Cell phone and charger. If your workshop is in the summer months don’t forget to bring water, sunblock, hat and bug spray. All kinds of things can and will go wrong on a workshop -it just happens 🙂 so do try to be prepared.

When we start off the workshops we have enough time (we are not pressed for time) to set up our gear and walk out to our starting position. As soon as I arrive I usually start rambling off things for folks to do-Like check their camera settings, adjust their tripods, check their batteries and cards, check for proper footwear, etc… I am never trying to bark out orders my intent is to keep the group moving-some folks like to poke around and while that is fine if you are on your own it is not really fair to the others in the group. If you are someone that requires a lot of time setting up and going to the bathroom and re-lacing your shoes or reorganizing your trunk THEN you may be doing all of that on your own in the parking lot and meeting up with the rest of us. I recommend if you are someone that likes to take your time – get to the shooting location extra early!

Folks sign up for workshops for a variety of reasons. Some clients sign up just to be brought to a location at the right time of year and to know in advance what they might expect. There are clients that join a workshop to shoot with others and make new friends. But most sign up to learn and in order to learn you will need to stay close by and listen. Be open to suggestions and try to concentrate on improving your weak points. Let me know in advance what you are having trouble with in the field. It makes no sense to tell me after the workshop that you would have liked to work on your compositions more…..

If this is a bird photography workshop please be respectful of the birds and their environment. We will go over the guidelines for each specific location that we will be photographing at as well as some general rules: No harassing, feeding, touching the birds, eggs or nest scrapes. No loud music will be allowed and no alcoholic beverages. No food permitted during the workshops so eat in advance. All of my workshops are non-smoking and I do ask that you refrain from smoking even in the parking lot as we are setting up.

I hope this information helps you make the most of your upcoming workshop, remember the most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy yourself 🙂




One of my bird photography workshops at Nickerson Beach


Swan Island Dahlia Farm Workshop 2012


Swan Island Dahlia Farm Workshop 2013


Japan 2014


Patagonia 2014


Holland 2014



Cairnwood Estate


Bethlehem Steel Urbex Shoot


Japan 2016


Montreal Camera Club, 2016


Vermont GCA, 2016

What some of my clients have to say:

It was a fantastic workshop. I know I learned a lot and spent most of my time watching and listening because both of you had so much to offer. Your enthusiasm and sincere enjoyment of photography came through! It was great that you presented complementary approaches to the subject (f2.8 vs f32) and you did it with great professionalism and humor. You both were attentive to your students and tailored your presentation to our interests. I would highly recommend it to others and wouldn’t change a thing! hope to see you both again soon! my best, Mark Donaldson

I enjoyed the workshop and can think of several things that I will definitely need to get going to try on my own. Such as the in camera high key, the matte prints for quick “fake” backgrounds, tips on using Fractalius. It may have been nice to get to other areas in the gardens but with only 3 hours there is only so much ground that can be cover and you kept things moving. You and Denise make a good team. Both of you got everyone involved and gave them chances to get the image. I believe the price point and number of participants of the workshop was reasonable. If you and Denise each have mailing lists please add my address to both of them, as I would attend another workshop with either of you. Thanks for a good learning experience. John Jakubik

Thanks for all your help and energy at the Silk Mill. The pre walk in the semi private workshop gave me a good mental picture as to what I wanted to do and get me familiar with the mill. I enjoyed the workshop and tried different techniques that I have never used previously. I have not had time to review any images but when I do I will email you a few to view/critique. The group gelled good together was a lot of fun, helpful with each other and courteous when setting up photographs. This was one of the best workshops I have attended in a long time. James Saxon

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop this morning, you were just fantastic. I’ve got some wonderful pictures (and am seriously contemplating a 500mm lens. I’m going to see if I can talk my husband into your July workshop (if there are any openings left) or you may just see me again there, I learned an incredible amount along with taking some great images and good company. Best regards, Hali Sowle

Hi Denise, First of all, I want to thank you both so much for such a terrific workshop yesterday morning at Nickerson Beach. What a wonderful experience and I learned so much from both of you. I am going through my images this morning and I have so many shots that I just love. It was a great time and you are both superb instructors. I really liked your teaching style and you are both so approachable that I never felt uncomfortable or stupid asking questions. Secondly, I would like to sign up for the next workshop at Nickerson beach at the end of July. I think you said it was July 24, but I am not sure. Let me know if you still have openings and I will send you the deposit. Thanks again & best regards, Betty Wiley

Denise, What a fabulous week! You are one terrific workshop leader and friend. I found the workshop stimulating, fun, energizing and just wonderful. Your encouragement to try new things with our cameras really helped me get over some humps.
Pam Corckran

Denise, Thank you for a wonderful 5 days at the Swan Lake Dahlia Garden. I learned so much and now I am ready to have more fun looking closely at the images. You are a talented photographer and also have a superb style in teaching. What a great combination! Muriel McClellan

Denise, Thanks for the extraordinary workshop! I loved every minute. You’re the best. Felice Willat

Thanks Denise, It was a great shoot. I really appreciate your leadership, composition tips, post-processing advice, guidance on specific locations to shoot within the prison, and management of the group. Kudos! I will be continue to learn from you by referring to your blog and galleries. Again, many thanks for guiding us at ESP! Peter

Hi Denise, I was on the Ft Myers IPT and you were very patient helping me with my camera settings. You have a gift. I know people that are very knowledgeable but can’t explain things and don’t have the patience. Take care, Brent Bridges

Hi Denise, I wanted to thank you for your expert help at the William’s Nursery Macro class. Your site is amazing b. t. w…. your photography is pure art. I have no expectations of ever taking pro quality bird images but I sure enjoy the hobby aspect for myself. I realized that I was afraid of the camera before I took the class, I’ve got over some of that fear now so thanks again! Linda Federico

Denise – I think I am going to buy a yearly pass to Longwood Gardens after the workshop yesterday. It really opened my eyes that I can do this stuff. You did a great job together. Steve Berkowitz

Wayne and Chris Kliewer write: Chris and I wanted to thank you and Denise for a wonderful morning at Nickerson Beach. We picked up some pointers. Thanks again for a wonderful class experience yesterday. Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to Denise

Hi Denise, I just want to say how much I enjoyed the entire workshop and would strongly recommend it to anyone wishing to improve their flower photography. It has helped me improve mine significantly. My thanks to both you and Artie for the experience. Ron May

Had a blast in the Everglades and learned so much about photographing birds. A fabulous workshop filled with information and practice.

Each day, we all saw how much our eye had changed just in three short days. The participants had so many different (fabulous) shots and Denise Ippolito was amazing as she had a depth of knowledge that addressed each level of ability.
She is part bird whisperer and part butterfly as she flits from person to person asking questions to make us think (um, what were those settings anyway!) and all the while pointing out situations to shoot. She saw birds that I would never have seen. The best part? She would see a shot and then tell us the thinking behind it. People say Denise thinks out of the box – I say (and told her) – she was never in a box!! Thank you so much, Denise Ippolito!!
Laurie Thomson

Denise, you are a fabulous teacher and a fabulous photographer thank you! Jackie Ross

Denise, Just wanted to thank you for organizing a fun and informative workshop. We had a very nice group of people and I think everyone had to walk away with something. Please sign me up for the morning workshop at Longwood Gardens. I look forward to joining the group. Mike Lotito

Denise I would not have missed the workshop for anything. You did a great job. You both have a nice style and compliment each other nicely. I did get a number of images I like and I got a lot out of the morning. Carole Wiley

Hi Denise, Wow, you get such a special thank you. I am sure I have never taken any class where someone checked in with me and set me on the right course as often as you. Amazing and super appreciated. I hope you had a good a time as I did. Sue

Denise – Thanks for the great workshop and all the help. I have sent you a friend request. I hope we meet again – maybe at Longwood or Eastern State Pen or ? Nickerson Beach will definitely be on the list of favorite places. Eric

Good morning Denise, Just want to say thank you for all the hard work that you put in at Nickerson Beach. From your great presentation (love your artistic approach) on Tuesday nite until the farewells on Friday, you were fantastic. I have been shooting a lot of landscapes this year and had become sloppy in my approach to bird photography….you and Artie have gotten me tuned up (translated…kicked my butt) again and i feel much better about my readiness for my trip to Africa on Friday. I am looking forward to joining you on some of your other workshops in the near future. Wishing you well as you ramp up your career… I know it will be a successful one. Malcolm

Hi Denise–Just want to thank you for an enjoyable workshop at Longwood. I want to thank you, in particular, for your patient coaching with Becky. She enjoyed your instruction and is well on her way to mastering the mysteries of f/stops, DOF, ISO, etc. Please email me with any future workshops of yours. Phil Witt

Denise, Awesome images as usual! You are such a gifted photographer and teacher! I am so glad that I made the Swan Island Workshop. I learned a ton and came home with so many images that I love. I look forward to continue to learn from you! Susan Dimock

Denise, I really loved the workshop and got a lot out of it. You are a great leader/teacher. I like the way you are always checking everyone to see that we are still engaged and on topic. I learned a lot from you. Will never take a photo of a flower again without thinking of you and how you would approach it. Thanks again, Joe Barranco

Hi Denise, Your HDR presentation at the Ocean county Camera Club this past Monday was excellent. You have convinced me to take a second look at HDR as a very positive tool. Thanks. Roger Friend

Douglas Bolt writes: I appreciate the attention that you devoted to the group. Very helpful morning. doug

Denise. Thanks for a great time Saturday. It was much more than I expected. Already using Lightroom and PS tricks. Look forward to shooting again with you soon. Terrific day! Pete

Hi Denise, Thanks for yesterday. I had a wonderful time. The Purple Sandpipers were an extra treat. Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks. Jon

Hi Denise, Thank you for a wonderful set of workshops! The images from the workshop tell the story – we had a terrific time! The GRIPS camera club members who participated in the workshops were impressed with your enthusiasm, expertise and your willingness to share your knowledge and techniques. All agreed that it was time well spent. You showed real professionalism when the venue unexpectedly changed at the last minute and required a whole new approach. Kudos to you for making it a success! Lynn Fulton

Hi Denise, Thank you so much for all your teaching and guidance and friendship over the last couple of weeks! I really enjoyed getting to know you better, and learned a lot from you. I now have the books to peruse, and Topaz and Fractalius to play with. Thanks for everything! Geri George

Thanks for sharing your skill, interest, enthusiasm, and patience. There’s lots of good instructional information out there but there’s no better way to learn than in the field with a good instructor. And a good leader makes that learning experience possible. You did it all. I especially appreciate experiencing a new way to “see” opportunities for good photos. Your creative blur technique, for example, will become part of my photographic repertoire. Finally, and most importantly, thanks for sharing the Bosque experience. It was a delight to be with you and Artie. I returned home with memories that will last a lifetime. Bruce Goodwin

Dear Denise, What an excellent workshop—well organized and run. Betsey Henkels

Just got back late night yesterday from a scintillating and great learning workshop with Denise Ippolito. Had tons of fun learning,commingling and having a blast. If anyone wants to learn bird photography Denise is the best of the best. Thank you Denise for my intro to Bird photography. It is definitely not for the birds ! Came away with awe and respect for what you do and how you do it. Usha Peddamatham

Hi Denise, The only thing I can say is, thank you for being an inspiration. You are not only a great teacher but a wonderful person who really cares about teaching. Florida was a great experience with you and above all I learned from you, Patience 🙂 Thank you so very much, see you in Galapagos! Love and regards, Gaurav Mittal

Hi Denise, I have to tell you I really enjoyed your presentation tonight at the Orlando Camera Club. Your work is absolutely stunning and very diverse! I am one of your newest admirers and look forward to seeing more of your work. Best regards, George Crudo Orlando Camera Club

From one of the participants at the Garden Club of America’s Photography Study Group Seminar which was held in Sarasota Florida. Denise was a great instructor and great person. I learned so much from her. I hope I can take another workshop from her. And I love her photography! Thanks Denise, Eloise Carson

Denise, Thanks for all of your coaching and assistance last week. You definitely made the trip better and added to the experience. You give a good balance to Artie’s intensity. I look forward to being with you in Homer. Thanks, John

Thank you so much Denise. It was a pleasure meeting you. The workshops and seminar were fantastic and I know that the attendees learned a lot and really enjoyed themselves (myself included). It’s always nice to meet someone you’ve been “friends” with online and then discover they’re even nicer in person. Edith Itzcovici-Levy

Hi Denise, Just wanted to thank you for all your help at the IPT last week. It was really great to hang around listening to your suggestions throughout. I really did learn so much more this trip, although maybe it’s just taken longer for it to sink into my thick skull! I really feel my images are getting better, I’m seeing better things out of the camera and attribute that to you and Artie and of course all the co-leaders. You guys put together a really good group, lots of fun and great teachers. I do have to say your creativity really does inspire me, it just may take me awhile to get there. At Bosque I wasn’t quite so sure about the blurs, now I think it’s pretty neat, something to work on. I really hope we get the chance to shoot again sometime, maybe a trip east to your neck of the woods. Take care, and good luck with all your future projects. Mark Hardymon

Denise, Once again I want you to know how much I appreciated your instruction and guidance through the week-end. You have not only the gift of creating beautiful artwork but of teaching others about it as well. A wonderful combination! I look forward to attending additional workshops by you in the future. Peggy Steinberg

Dear Denise, Had meant to e-mail you after the Long Island IPT but things got really busy as soon as I got back. The holidays have given me some chance to catch up. Many thanks for the advise and instruction during the IPT – it truly was very helpful and appreciated. I did purchase the blur guide and am anxious to start trying some blurs (many of my photos are already unintentional blurs so I figure it won’t be too hard). Best wishes for the very best New Year. Dick

Hello Denise, I really learned a lot over the weekend. Having never done HDR exposures before I felt out of my league, but felt it finally clicked Sunday morn. The Mill was fascinating. Thanks for sharing your talent and knowledge with us all! Jean Diblasio

Hi Denise, Another great workshop with a great group of people. So much to shoot and great instruction.
Barbara Sepples

Hi Denise, I had such a wonderful time last week at Bosque and just wanted to thank you for all your help. I learned so much and had such a great time, It was a real hoot!! We had such a good group and an even better group of leaders, so willing to share their knowledge and help out at all times. The photography was spectacular but the people really made this trip special for me. I’ve always been pretty straight forward in my photography, but your creative influence has really got me thinking about new and different roads to follow and for that I’m forever grateful. I hope your future is bright and successful and I look forward to seeing and working with you again. All the best in the upcoming holiday season, take care. Mark

It was a wonderful workshop and I came back with many keepers. You got my creative juices going, so I made a folder in my gallery just for you. Debby L.

Denise, Thanks so much for the Blurry day at Bosque and for a good dinner. I enjoyed myself and obtained some good ideas. Thanks and hope to meet again, JP

Hi Denise, I had a great time. Learned a lot, including patience and persistence. You are an excellent teacher. Thanks. Will get to my pix tomorrow. Roger Friend

Denise, Thank you, thank you, thank you-
Had a wonderful time and learned enough to stuff my little brain.
Liz Wroth

Hello friend! I just wrote a short note to Art to let him know that my first IPT was a great adventure! I enjoyed your insights and ideas, and truly grew more confident in my knowledge of the tools that are available. It’s one of those things that you want to have as a “do-over”. I wish I was better at the beginning, but that’s why there are more beginnings. The photo’s that you posted from the week are exceptional. Thanks for the introduction to blurs, and know that I wish you well! Thanks again, Deb Keller

Hi, Denise! Nickerson was oodles of fun and a great learning experience. You are not only a very talented photographer and artist, but a truly nice person and fun to be with. Be well, John Haedo

What a fantastic experience. Denise and Artie did a fabulous job of finding the best opportunities in the middle of the maze in the Palouse. I was blessed to be on this trip and my learning curved jumped off the charts. Muriel McClellan

Dear Denise, It was a great pleasure to meet you in Bosque as I mentioned I love your creative images and indeed photo’s reflect the photographer, you are very nice too! Hopefully you had a nice Blurry day in Bosque, a pity I had to go back home, but I will enjoy the pictures on your website soon, best wishes, Jan

Hi Denise! It was so fun to meet you this week and I learned tons and tons! I am excited to get back out and practice some more. Maybe I will see you again if you come back to Portland to see the iris gardens! Be sure to let me know! Thank you again, Carol Gary

Denise… I loved being out with you…
Not only are you an exceptional photographer… Eager to share what you know, but you wanted me to be successful… I loved the support and knowledge from backlighting, exposure compensation, to composition and camera settings…
The photoshop session was the Best… Hopefully, you’ve unleashed the rabid photographer within!!!
And your generous kind spirit was a delight to be with.
Many thanks for a most memorable time…
Deirdre Sheer-Gross

Hi Denise, Awesome workshop @ Bethlehem Steel especially the stacks. Thanks for showing how to use “Virtual Horizon”. Its a great tool. Thanks, Linda Russo

Hi there Denise. You are on the leading edge of trendy!! Your workshop was refreshing. A welcome addition to the BAA line-up. Keep in touch. Joanne

Good morning Denise, First of all I would like to say that I thought you did an excellent job with your workshop. It was well organized. You tried to give each of us some personal attention. Sally Foster

Hi Denise, Thanks for a great workshop. I had a terrific time and learned a lot under your teaching and organization. I have a lot of photos I am happy with. I wish I could take a class with you more often . I would really like to learn some of your photoshop techniques with the filters and papers. I have your books, but there is nothing like seeing it in person. Thanks so much. Ted

It was a privilege and a once in a lifetime opportunity to be with Denise and Artie at Bosque. I learned so much, enjoyed my fellow photographers and was inspired by Denise and Artie’s love of the natural world. The workshop was amazing from beginning to end and I will never forget the experience. Sue Eberhart

Denise I had a lot of fun during the workshop. I learned so much from it, and I think I actually got a few good captures. One of the best parts, however, was viewing your slideshow. I especially liked the image of a skimmer doing its thing on glassy water: WOW, talk about setting the bar high!! I bet you keep that location a well-guarded secret. J It was also cool to witness the pride you expressed about your work at the end of the slide show, telling us how many countless hours you’ve spent out in the field to capture images like that. You can’t buy experience and you can’t fake effort or desire or sheer force of will. That passion is a key component of what makes you so good and it’s cool as well as inspiring when you let it come through. John Haedo

Denise: I would like to say to you also that it was a pleasure spending time with you during the trip. And thanks for all the tips on composition in the field and Photoshop. I can tell you that I now am very aware of the background for a picture, as I realize that if there’s a tree right behind the bird’s head, it’s not a good picture. Believe it or not, I didn’t even see the background before, and your advice has made a big improvement in my technique. Michael Yessik

Hi Denise, I enjoyed the workshop tremendously & learned much. Larry Tawa

Hi Denise, I just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable time yesterday at Longwood Gardens. I appreciate the insight you provided and the opportunity to shoot with you. I love the fact that you have so much energy and enthusiasm for photography. . . A kindred spirit! If you happen to be in my area of NJ or if you want to shoot in NYC some time, let me know and I’ll be happy to join you. I hope to see you again soon. Oh, and hopefully I’ll get to process my images in the near future. Noreen B.

This week I actually had to chance to practice what I had learned at the weekend seminar in Tampa/Brandon. You (Artie) & Denise have no idea how much I learned…but more importantly, how much I was inspired, during those two days…I genuinely can’t thank you two enough! Thanks much! Best regards, Greg Clarkson

Thank you so much Denise, it was wonderful to be on the workshop with you again, you are a great mentor, and photographer and just plain fun to be around, you definitely made it a great weekend. H. Sowle

Hi All, As said previously by my colleagues this was a fantastic IPT and I really loved every minute of it. One of the many reasons I attended the IPT was to get inspirations for my future workshops and this was definitively achieved and more. I feel it will be difficult to be surrounded by a better group of talented and dedicated photographers in the future. Thanks again Denise, you are a great leader a model to follow for my own business. Kind regards to all. Pierre

Denise I’m now so motivated to get back out and do more shooting! Thank you for such a wonderful workshop and especially for taking the time to help me become a better and more creative photographer. Hope to see you again soon! Anne Harlan

Hi Denise, Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the shoot and workshop Saturday night. Being my first ever workshop I did not really know what to expect. Both you and Scott were very helpful and I learned several new things, especially with regards to night photography. I am considering joining your Christmas Longwood Gardens workshop, if our schedule works out. I especially appreciate how both of you were so friendly to my wife Dorothy, making her feel included, when she really was not a part of the workshop. She is the biggest fan of my photography and it always helps me to have her along on my trips. Take Care, Ken K.

Denise, I so enjoyed your energy information and admired the most amazing photography….. I got a lot out of your presentation and it left me with wanting more….. The most important message of all was that you were willing to share and teach everything you have learned. That was huge for me. Thank you for all you do in improving the artist in us all. YOU ROCK!!! ? Jackie Miller Brady

Denise, thank you so much for an amazing presentation! Your commentary and visuals were fabulous! Fiona Keyes

Hi Denise, It was great meeting you and a really nice group of fellow students. I also learned a few tricks to keep me thinking, and plan to return to Weehawken for a sunrise or moonrise in the near future. Thanks for an excellent and fun workshop. Debby L.

Denise/Artie, Thank you so much for another great IPT at Nickerson. I entered one of my shots from the IPT titled “Early Breakfast” in the Art in Nature Contest at the I won first place in the Bird category. Nice to see that the judges recognize creative and new techniques. I’ve tried to win the bird category for three years. The best I ever did was third with a Piping Plover chick. This was very special for me. Denise thank you for sharing your creative vision with us and Artie for pounding it into my head. On Friday July 26th, I stayed all day and worked on pleasing blurs. I have another 500 plus winners I am sorting through. No photoshop was used (except for cropping) just the IPT technique you shared with us.Pretty cool! Wahooo! Kind regards, Timothy L. Thompson

Denise: Thank you for the EXCELLENT, dynamic presentation you made last night at the Chester County Camera Club. You provided a LOT of useful information. You inspired me to experiment more. An especially big THANK YOU for being a creative, innovative, energized and happy photographer, who shares her tips and joys. Anita

I’d just like to thank you again for your all the help you gave me on the IPT. You understood when I was struggling. Thank you for demonstrating your Mongoose head and a very big thank you for lending me your Skimmer pod – it opened my eyes to low level photographing (my Snowy Plover photos are amazing!!). I will definitely buy a new tripod without a centre column, so I can set up really low, or I might even buy a Skimmer ground pod, which was the one that you recommended me to get? And also for showing me, and Geoff, some basic techniques within Photoshop, particularly with using layers. I’m still sorting through my photos and am hoping I’ll remember your instructions when I get to process them! If I don’t, hopefully, Geoff will be able to interpret his scribbled notes! Many thanks again, and maybe we’ll catch up with you sometime. Cheers and thanks, Sheila

Hi Denise, I can only begin by saying Thank You!!! What a wonderful opportunity you provided all of us with this mornings workshop. The high point for sure was meeting you and seeing Artie again, it has kept me smiling ever since. The site was spectacular!!! I am very grateful for this morning, for your time, knowledge and eagerness to teach and share. We are lucky to have had time with both of you and i feel new inspiration after our ‘play time’ in the field! The site was wonderful and even the morning fog added that unpredictable light element….got some interesting shots as the sun broke through. I look forward to shooting again with you and discovering another venue that holds new images to capture. I’ve been busy processing the images….more to learn there…and yes, perusing the B&H site for a 5D mark lll!!! Oh boy!! Thank you very much….today was bliss….pure bliss. My best, Sherb

Denise, Just wanted to thank you for an excellent workshop last Sunday. I thought the Graffiti Underground – Mugsy’s – Eastern State Penitentiary mix made for a perfect day of shooting. And thanks for the excellent composition and exposure tips – I’ve already seen some improvements in my ability to “see the shot”. Thanks again – looking forward to my next workshop adventure. Karl

Hi Denise, I wanted to thank you for an amazing day of learning and fun. Your workshop was truly inspirational and fun. I will certainly be scheduling another one with you. Debra Miller

Denise, I really enjoyed the session especially the practical aspect of working with you at the Jetty — the on-going tips and guidelines you provided for composing, analyzing as you go, using the histogram and watching the blinkies will be invaluable and change my approach —- the hands-on with you there is so much more valuable than reading about techniques or just hearing about the techniques … all in all it was a great time …. Terry D.

Hello Denise, I am still telling “photo friends” about your amazing work as presented at the MLCC earlier this month. I am so glad to have met you and hope MLCC will be featuring a Photoshop workshop by you, as I will definitely be attending! Viewing your photography is like an escape into a perfect world! Jackie

Hi Denise, Hopefully, you remember me from the Longwood, PA seminar. I had such a wonderful time and learned so much. I think the most important thing you gave me was the freedom to be me! Thank you again for your time, talent and encouragement. With warm regards, Rose Mary Lalonde

Denise, Thanks for a wonderful day! Because of that day I have a renewed interest in Nature Photography. Thanks! Hope to see you out there. Pete

Thanks for a GREAT workshop, Denise. The mill was a fabulous photographic adventure. I’m loading more than 600 images on my iMac right now — Lori D.

Denise, Thank you for a wonderful Saturday afternoon. Again, I totally loved every minute. Still going through all the photos. Thank you again and again. It was really fun and I learned a lot. KK

Denise, Thank you for the two days of great photography and lessons. Jon Saperia

Denise, I had a blast. I learned some new techniques and went manual and I was actually comfortable doing so. It’s something I rarely do. Thanks for a great workshop. Tom Snyder

Dear Denise,
Thank you for yesterday. It was wonderful from start to finish. You are so encouraging, inspiring and a fantastic teacher both with camera in hand and on the computer. I love so many of my images from yesterday.
Thanks again for a wonderful day. Take care. Pam

Dear Denise, Thank you so much for your fabulous presentation(s) in Sarasota for the GCAPSG group. You were the shining star and everyone got such value out of your program, expertise and willingness to be helpful. Jane Rogers

Hi Denise, Jeanne and I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s presentation at the Lehigh Valley Camera Club. Not only did you present wonderful images but the stories and the post-processing behind them made the talk all the more entertaining and informative. Don Schroder

Hello Denise, just wanted to thank you for a wonderful workshop at Swan Island Dahlia Farm, it was a privelage to attend, you are an amazing teacher, I learn a ton of new things, I will like to go in another workshop, sometime next year, I will keep looking and let you know and maybe I can be in your waiting list in case you get a cancelation, that works perfect for me, because between my husband and my health’s some time hard to make long plans.
Thank you again, Carmenza

This was a terrific weekend of photography and learning! Thank you, Denise, for being such a patient and caring teacher for those of us who aren’t as quick to catch on as we wish we were. I’m so excited to try lots of the great ideas you so generously shared. And I look forward to my next chance to be with YOU! Nancylee Cranmer Mudd

Hi Denise, First of all, thanks for sending the group photo. But more importantly, I want to thank you for a wonderful workshop experience. Aside from your spectacular work, you are a wonderful instructor, and have great attention to technical detail. You also have PATIENCE of STEEL, but most all, a terrific person! I am truly grateful that I found you on the internet!!!!! I enjoyed every moment of the workshop, even the photoshop session, where I had the greatest difficulty. I know in time I will learn everything I need to know. I hope in the near future we will meet again, I was sincere of my offer to assist you in any way. Thanks again for all your efforts and energy for a great weekend workshop. Sincerely, Sandra C. Halpern

Hi Denise, Thanks for coming to the Lehigh Valley Photo Club last night. Your ornithology images are spectacular. I was so much reminded of John James Audubon’s Folio paintings. The light colored backgrounds you use make the birds really stand out. It was a pleasure listening to your enthusiasm as well as a feast for the eye looking at your gorgeous images. Susan

Hi Denise, Your HDR presentation at the Ocean county Camera Club this past Monday was excellent. You have convinced me to take a second look at HDR as a very positive tool. Thanks. Roger Friend

Denise, First of all I want to thank you for all your help and encouragement. I had a wonderful time and loved working with you. I can’t believe how organized you are and already have images on your blog. They all look fabulous. It was a treat meeting you and working with you. I look forward to getting together again. Pamela

Dear Denise, I apologize for not getting a chance to say thank you for the wonderful workshop at the mill on Saturday and Sunday. It was amazing!! I had the greatest time and met some really nice people. You are a wonderful host and facilitator. Please be sure to include me on your future outings. See you along the way. Warmest regards, Tony Monaco

Hi Denise,
Rosalie and I loved the tour to Chile and Patagonia. You are a first rate leader and made it all worthwhile. The trip was great in spite of the problems unique to us. The location and hotel were all top of the line. We were fortunate to have good weather. We would consider doing it again in April so please keep us on the list. I saw your blog and it is so good that I have forwarded the link to all our club members (100 strong). We wish you all the best and a Happy Holiday season.
Tom and Rosalie

Hi there Denise! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the sunflower workshop today and wanted to thank you again for all your help & expertise. Looking forward to another “photo adventure” soon! Best, Ginger White

Hi Denise, It was a GREAT workshop! You and Scott did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for all your hard work and effort. The location is beyond awesome!!! Kate Ryan

Denise, I just wanted to say on behalf of the Board and myself thank you for coming to our club and doing such an awesome presentation. I have heard many great comments from the members about how much they enjoyed your presentation and seeing your stunning images. It is speakers like yourself that have helped make our club a great place to learn and become better photographers. Hope you made it back last night! Please let me know if you are ever back in Orlando and we can get a group together for dinner! Best to you, Katrina H. Guensch-Bennett

Denise, we had a fantastic time. We learned a lot and got lots of good shots. Can’t wait to do another workshop with you. Looking forward to Barnegat. Thanks again, Dave & Eli

Dear Denise, I feel I learned so much, now have to practice. I am even getting comfortable with blurs. You are an amazingly accomplished artist and teacher and so gracious about sharing your visions. We are really looking forward to Bosque, so very different from Old Car City.Elizabeth L.

Dear Denise, Thank you so, so much for such a marvelous presentation and sharing your skill and gift with all of us last night. Your photography is just exquisite and so inspiring. Anyway, we all truly loved your time with us, your energy and your spirit. Thank you again, Kitty Kono Main Line Camera Club

Denise, I had so much fun and learned sooo much from you guys it should have been illegal. I wanna go back, pitch a tent on the beach and stay there awhile! JH

Denise, This was one of the most enjoyable and productive trips we’ve had. You and Artie make a great team. Great to see your business doing well, couldn’t happen to a nicer person. This doesn’t say enough, but you’ve probably noticed I’m not very loquacious. later, Alan

Hi Denise, Thank you sooo much for your enlightening, inspirational and informative presentation last Monday. We all enjoyed your presentation and your easy approach to all the items covered. Very easy to follow and understand. You clarified many issues that we have been dealing with so now we can go out and try them. I especially appreciated the artistic approaches that can be used on all our photos. Thanks From the Lansdale Camera Club Members

Canon Everglades Workshop Denise Ippolito was a huge help. We dealt with pretty much every imaginable problem in a span of four hours. As always, the folks that stayed close to Denise and to me and asked lots of questions learned the most. It was Denise who actually led most of the group into the field well before sunrise while I stayed behind dealing with a variety of tripod, tripod head, and plate issues. Thanks for you help. The folks loved you and I would have been dead in the water without you there. Art Morris

Denise, I am late thanking you but, I want to thank you for making our 2011 Spring Foto Fun day such a success. Everyone there really enjoyed having you be part of our special day. We’ve never had a speaker who enveloped the day from the beginning to the end, from being one of our judges, interacting with attendees, providing a wonderful program, and providing door prizes and bringing handouts etc. And thank you for my bag of goodies…that was very thoughtful of you. Please keep us abreast of your successes in the coming years and I hope to catch up with seeing you at one of your programs.
Ken Sichel President DVCCC

Our speaker, Denise Ippolito was delightful, entertaining, engaging and very informative. She showed a collection of incredible bird photographs and explained her secrets for capturing such amazing images, including – ‘be on the scene first’ to get the best shots. She also showed a number of images which were manipulated in a Photoshop plugin called Fractalius. It creates unusual, eccentric artworks in a single step. The effects are based on extraction of so-called hidden fractal texture of an image. With it, you can also simulate various types of exotic lightings and high realistic pencil sketches. Everyone in attendance was mesmerized by Denise’s work. Check out Denise’s website for blogs, workshops and to download her amazing e-book tutorials. Main Camera Club Blog

I would recommend anyone who wants to be a better photographer to grab any chance to take a workshop with Denise! Muriel McClennan

Denise.  I got nothing but positive feedback about both the workshop and the evening’s presentation. I understand you have been invited as a potential speaker at our 2016 Photo Beach Bash. Regards, Dick Snyder

Denise, I’m a member of the Ocean County Camera Club and attended your presentation Monday evening. I couldn’t stay after the meeting so I decided to drop you an email to tell you how wonderful your presentation was. In my opinion is was the best presentation we’ve had at the club in the few years I’ve been a member. It was informative, interesting, and presented in a very friendly manner. BK

Hi Denise, It was great, I loved it! Thank you! I was so caught up in taking the photos the time evaporated. I got so many great shots. Definitely I’d like to go back, I have to see if that weekend in August is going to be a conflict in terms of other travel. Thanks again, you ran a nice workshop! Sharon

Hi Denise, I am surely the one to be offering a thank-you for this past week-end! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and only occasionally felt the cold as you did prepare us well and once engaged in a photoshoot, there is no pain. I am very pleased with my shots and have just ordered your video on creative multiple exposures. I will be interested in further meet-ups with you, hopefully up here in Canada. Cheers from an admirer, Sandra R.

Denise, I can’t tell you how much I not only enjoyed, but learned at your presentation … I’m looking forward to working with you some day when the weather gets nicer … your photos were great and your presentation was second to none … thanks again … AK

Hi Denise, Thank you so much for all your help and inspiration during the Lonaconing Workshop. You made the experience very informational, creative, and fun! I hope to be able to learn from you again in the future! Here are a few photos for you. I love what you did with the “leaf on the windowsill” – the feeling the texture gave to it is quite soft and romantic. My next step is to learn more about post processing and textures – I would love to be able to create the same magic that you can! Thanks, Betsy

Hi Denise, Thank you for an awesome weekend! Your presentation was fantastic and all of the feedback has been awesome! Beginners and advanced photographers alike enjoyed it! Your workshops both days were great too! Thank you so much!!! Lisa Cuchara

Hi Denise, I thought the weekend was just wonderful. I learned a lot, got some awesome shots, and just plain had a fantastic time. I can’t thank you enough for all of the personal help you bestowed upon me. I’m sure each attendee felt the same, but I really felt it was one on one rather than a group event. Now I have material to draw from for a long time to come. It means so much to an advanced beginner like me to be able to work with and watch you work, listen to how you think and what you are looking at, and then teaching me how I can make my shots better. I received more than I could have imagined from the workshops. So thank you for the weekend, Margo Bury —

Hi Denise,
Many thanks for taking the time to give your “Nature Travel” presentation to the LVPC last night. It was awesome and judging from the comments after the show, everyone else thought so too. The images were all terrific and I thoroughly enjoyed the stories and photographic information behind many of the photos. Also, glad you were pleased with the crowd…92 attendees including 10 new club members! A win-win for everyone!
It was good to see you and thanks again,

Dear Ms. Ippolito
I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Breath-taking is an understatement.
Kindest regards,
Don Masters

Denise, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last Monday. You are so creative and your artistic sense is right on. It was great to see you again. I wish you would do some workshops on the jersey shore.Since my wife is ill I can’t travel far from home.
Bill Unger

Denise is one of the best photographers that I know – her creative style and ability to see what the rest of us do not constantly amazes me. She generously shares her knowledge and inspires those photographers who are fortunate enough to attend one of her workshops, yet also shares her skill and passion with the rest of the world through her blog. She truly is a genuinely nice person and her generosity of spirit brings out the best in everyone she meets – whether in person or virtually.
Lynn Fulton

thanks for the Longwood seminar. I really enjoyed and really appreciated that you kept it organized and moving along and covered alot of excellent material. I had never been to those gardens and was really impressed. Hopefully I can attend another seminar soon.
Randy Samuels

Thanks Denise! I hope to join you on another workshop in the future! I learned so much and still have much to learn about textures and the plug-ins…
Barb Tillman

Tks a great workshop. I was challenged, I grew and I was inspired.
Safe travels to you as well and let me know if you are ever in the DC area.
Best wishes.
Jean-Pierre Ple

Thanks Denise,
I had a great time. And I got my year membership with a discount. And I can’t wait to go back for the tulips. I can’t afford at trip to Holland so this will have to due.
By the way I am not far from you, in Freehold.

Went on a Photo workshop this weekend with Denise Ippolito of Creative Adventure workshops to Longwood Gardens. Had a terrific time. Very informative . Denise is not only an excellent Photographer but a very good teacher.
Barbara Battista

Just had a wonderful weekend with Denise Ippolito doing flower photography. She is an amazing photographer and a wonderful instructor.
Schuyler Richardson

I am so glad that I had this experience and could go with you. You are the best leader. Not only is your outstanding personalty an asset, but your constant willingness to share your knowledge is impressive. So different from the many workshops that I have attended.
Thank you so much for the Photoshop tips too.
Muriel McClellan

Just wanted to thank you for an AMAZING trip, Denise. It was beyond my expectations (which were pretty high since I’d been dreaming about this trip for years). Thank you so much for everything! Lori Labrecque

Thanks once again, Denise. It was nice to see you again, and I enjoyed the workshop and Longwood Gardens. Your skill, creative eye, and images inspire me….simple as that!
Sharon Hallowell

Denise, Big thanks… was well worth the time. Love learning new techniques from a really great teacher!!!!
Mike Pillows

Once again…thank you so much for the inspiring flower photography you share with all of us. You are one of the most creative macro photographers I know. My best to you…Janie Greene

Denise, thank you so much for a great workshop experience in Charleston. You are a superb leader – patient, knowledgeable, sharing, creative, and fun – if I had a nickle for every time we laughed I’d be a millionaire! I learned so much about composition, exposure, digital techniques, camera operation – awesome. Can’t wait to try all this on my own…but I’ll be back for another workshop! Best wishes, Ramona Boone

Denise, We all really enjoyed having you here; you have a wonderful combination of attributes…your talent is incredible, you are a very good teacher, taking time with each and everyone of us, your critiques were encouraging but with good critical suggestions for improvement.
Ann Gridley, Kiawah Island Photo Club

Hi Denise,
Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop today with the MCC group. I really enjoyed the day and definitely got some good inspiration from you and stretched myself into some new things, like in-camera multiple exposures for example. What I was hoping for today, was to just be there, participate and just spend some time around you, seeing who you are how you do things and learning from your creative approach. I was not at all disappointed in that. You made the day a treat for me.
Thanks so much.
Paul Eifert

Hi Denise, I must say you impressed my photography club members and friends to the max,,,girl…!!!!!!!!! Your expertise, ability, and creativity shined through in amazing ways. Plus,,, even though I have been a pro photographer for many years,,, your images inspire me!!!!!!!
Pamela Cohen

Good Morning Denise,
Thank you for a wonderful, informative workshop. You have so much energy and creative talent WOW!
It was educational and inspiring and I gained so much from the experience in the field and the class room.
Thank you, hope to see you again
Deb Bailey

Denise, Great workshop, Denise. Thanks so much for sharing all your valuable knowledge of photography. I am very excited to practice the techniques you taught us both in the field and in PS. I also appreciated your charming personality and sense of humour. You are one talented lady! Theresa B.

Denise, Really enjoyed your visit to Kiawah. You are bright, informative, extremely talented and very patient. Hope you come back!
Kathy Keane

Hi Denise…Dawn and I both want to thank you for sharing your expertise. We both agreed that your workshop was worthwhile and enjoyable. As a former teacher of 33 years, I can recognize good teaching when I see it! We were both inspired to me more creative with our photography. Thanks again for sharing !
Best of Light!
Bob and Dawn

I had a great time on the Puffin IPT, and have lots of nice images to process. I might not ask many questions, but take in what I see and hear and try to apply it to my own style.
Ian Glaves

Joining a Denise Ippolito workshop is much more than a “Creative Adventure.” It is a unique opportunity to work with a master artist who pushes the boundaries of creativity, while leveraging her first class photographic skills. Denise is well organized and focused on insuring that all attendees enhance their skills. She generously shares expertise on composition, photographic technique, an assortment of plug-ins and much more. The workshop provided a variety of shooting opportunities from Still Life to Lightpad to capturing the splendor and uniqueness of Longwood Gardens. Importantly Denise’s special relationship with Mother Nature allowed us to capture the rare beauty of the Blue Poppy and Nasturtiums. Thanks Denise for providing a terrific workshop!!
Marc Schoenholz

Hi Denise,
I love the pictures you posted on your blog, soooo good! Amazing!
But wait, when I look at mine..they are good too!
That’s why I wanted to send you a big thank you! It was very inspiring to spend the week shooting next to both of you, it opened my eyes to some new dimensions! In the end I believe I became a better photographer.
I wish you plenty of success in your future projects and hope to see you again some time in the field.

I did this fun “creative adventure” with Denise this year, and can tell you, the instruction was well worth it, and Longwood Gardens was filled with the most beautiful flowers…..Denise is a great instructor and her passion will show in all she says and does!
Sharon Hallowell

Thanks, Denise, for a wonderful time on the first workshop (the second looks to have been equally excellent) and fantastic photo opportunities. We all had chances to photograph the brand new Common Tern chick(s) — but only because you had spotted first the eggs and then the chicks and led us there, providing advice on settings, etc. I still hear your voice constantly counseling to adjust for the change in light, watch the sun angle, don’t overexpose, don’t underexpose, etc., etc., etc. We all tend to forget to check the histogram and settings frequently enough when something exciting is happening — your reminders are what help us to get those photos — Thanks again, it was great
Liz Wroth

Denise, The workshop was fantastic, the best I’ve ever attended. I would recommend it highly to anyone who loves birds and bird photography!
Scott Young

Denise, I am so grateful for your wonderful coaching Denise Ippolito and to be in your workshop was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for your kind words and look forward to seeing you again soon.
Emily Carter Mitchell

Denise, I feel so fortunate to have gotten in on this last minute opportunity to study w you and be immersed in Dahlia heaven for a bit! My deep longing was answered! I am leaving with a refreshed and heightened yearning and pumped full of new inspiration! I feel like I became a better photographer in the last week as a result of our short time together. Thank you!
Trudy Ray

Denise, What a fantastic time I had being with you and soaking up all that great info you shared with the group. You are the best I have come to know.
I love your story and images but mostly I love and respect you.
Thank you for being YOU
Carlotta Grenier

Denise, I can not tell you how much I learned in the past 5 days!! To be truthful I was a little concerned about my level going into the workshop. You really helped me tremendously!!! Want to go on another trip with you soon.
Karen McCormick

Everything about the Alaskan trip was great!!! Everything fell into place perfectly; the group, the weather, the boat and the wildlife.
Stan Davis

Thank you, Denise, for an absolutely wonderful workshop yesterday. In addition to being a talented photographer, you’re an excellent teacher and presenter. I really appreciated your firm grasp of the content and the group while still being warm and receptive to our individual needs. I hope I have the opportunity to attend another of your events.
Naomi Zottoli

As a participant in the 2015 Swan Island workshop, I wish to again express what a great learning experience it was, what a great group we had, and to thank Denise for her patience, guidance, and friendship. If you want to improve your flower photography skills there is no better person to learn from.
Best wishes. Jean-Pierre Ple

Hi Denise – Great Week – learned a lot and am so glad I got to spend time in the Adirondacks with you and such a great group!  Sharon Klass

Thanks, Denise Ippolito, for a wonderful photography “event” at Old Car City! I enjoy your professionalism, humor, artistry and teaching style. Your ability to connect with each participant, no matter what ability level, was a treat to see… through my eyes as a retired educator.

~~~ Denise, I truly appreciate the help, direction and artistic influence you have had on my photography for the last 5 years. ~~~
The last minute addition of your fellow mentor, Arthur Morris, esteemed Canon professional, was a wonderful bonus… as we participants had a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon between the two of you. It was fun to see the knowledge traveling in all directions, from instructor to student and vise versa ( with much sharing between students mixed in ).
For anyone interested in improving their craft, Denise and Artie have numerous photography workshops throughout the world (which fill up quickly) and you can find more info starting with their FB pages.
So, I now have a “ton” of car images to work on over the Winter season… PLUS— Monday, we have a bonus day at a railway museum in Duluth… Georgia that is.
Steve Adkins

I want to convey my deepest gratitude to you for your help and guidance. I certainly learned so much from you. It was the best and most productive workshop I have ever been on.
Morris Herstein

Thanks for the great workshop, Denise (and Arthur)! You really are the dynamic duo!! Looking forward to applying what I learned to my future images.
Ellen Forrest

Denise, I took away many specific new ideas and techniques, and it’s always fun to spend time with you and Artie. You both deliver important and relevant knowledge, radiate enthusiasm and possess world class talent and experience, all of which you share gladly with us.
Hoping to see you again soon,
John Haedo

Just had a wonderful weekend with Denise Ippolito doing flower photography. She is an amazing photographer and a wonderful instructor.
Schuyler Richardson

Just got home from Longwood Gardens. Thanks to Denise Ippolito for a fantastic workshop.
Lori Labrecque

I had a great experience. Already looking forward to Magnolia Gardens. Thanks for the effort, encouragement, and enthusiasm you put into this event.

Denise, I can’t adequately express my thanks to you; not just for all the photographic advice and passion but for your warm and generous heart. I really can’t wait for my next opportunity to share a trip with you!
Your friend
Bill Hedges

Denise is a skilled and competent leader, brilliant both in the field and at the computer.
Arthur Morris

Hi Denise,  You were terrific at B&H.
The presentation was entertaining and insightful.
I admire how you both for consistently take that extra step to help people strengthen their photographic skills. I look forward to the seeing you at the Longwood workshop.
Best regards…Marc

Denise, thank you for another great (but too short!) workshop! I wanted to tell you before I forget how much everyone highly regards you. You’d smile if you’d heard some of our comments, like “if this was the Renaissance a Medici would be supporting Denise like they did Leonardo” or “she’s so brilliant if the medical world would have caught her passion she’d have a cure for cancer” Don’t you love it??
Ramona Boone

Thank you Denise! We had a wonderful time and were truly challenged, which is always good. We signed up not only because we wanted the opportunity to work with you, but also because we felt confident that you would be the person to help us unlock our creativity. You did!
Sarah and Alan

I feel so lucky to have been in your workshop this week. You are a fantastic and patient teacher. I feel I learned so much and want to practice so I don’t lose it. Our group was terrific. Everyone was delightful and it was so much fun shooting together and cheering each other on. Looking forward to taking another of your fabulous
Gretchen Gross

Hi Denise
Hope your trip home was uneventful
Thanks for the great week
I really enjoyed it and learned a lot- think I got some good pics
I really enjoy your teaching style and amongst all the leaders I have had you are the best!
I will send you 5 pics when I can get back to my photos- which now seems to be a bit away as I have a lot of family and other activities?
Hope you have some quality down time

Dear Denise, it was a WONDERFUL workshop and I learned so much! We all appreciated your enthusiasm, patience, excellent tutelage and great sense of humor!! Sharon and Joe were also incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and fantastic to work with. It is very cool to look at your gorgeous photos from Vermont and to think that we were there with you.
Debbie Laverell

Hi Denise,
Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday. It was informative, inspirational, and absolutely beautiful. We all left feeling very energized and excited about the new ideas you shared with us.
Best wishes, Juliet Davis

You are the best:
– Trip leader… Incredible & unique photographic opportunities, and always thinking of your clients experience and how we could get our best shot…
– Workshop creator… The Wild Horses of the Camargue AND the best experiences of what Provence has to offer: Lavender fields, century old charming villages, and, of course, the French food and wine that was to die for… drama at sunrise… whimsical flamingos, and finding just the right co-leader.. He was superb, thank you!
– Photographic Educator: in the field, and after in the classroom.. Always thinking of us… Instructing, suggesting, questioning and advising.. But you always were abler each each of us at our level of competence… Amazing!
– Photographer: Your photos speak for themselves; I love them!
– Person… Well, you just are… I/we am/were lucky to be with you! I look forward to being out with you again.
With gratitude for the above and for my fabulous photographic portfolio of The Horses of the Camargue & Spirit of Provence,

Dear Denise,
Thank you for an outstanding presentation to Stony Brook Garden Club today. I had so many positive comments from our members.
Your work was a joy to behold, and your instructions made even the least talented amongst us sit up and take note. You are an inspiration!
Olive Coghlan

HI Denise,
Hope you are doing well. As a reminder, I was on the second Palouse trip this year. I was the one with grey hair who was not as experienced as most other participants. I read what Scott wrote about our workshop and I was reminded that I had also intended to write to you. As an aside, I do agree with what he said about the review time being extremely helpful along with your suggestions on composition.
I loved the workshop for so many reasons. The area really is exquisite and you certainly found so many wonderful and varied sites for us to work at. We had a packed agenda. I learned that a good photo is not just a good shot of one pretty or interesting object. It has to combined with a complementary background and other artifacts to make it whole.
What impressed me most however, is that despite your notoriety in the photographic world, you are so down to earth and have a wonderful sense of humor. You are not at all condescending as so many people who are so knowledgable can be. You are one of the most energetic people I know and it was uplifting to be around you.
Thank you for setting me straight on bracketing. Even though not extremely familiar with my Nikon model, you showed me how to combine images at one of the shoots. And you gave me suggestions for purchasing a mirrorless camera. I am so looking forward to taking another workshop with you, hopefully next year, I don’t do birds or wildlife or other things that move as I have my hands fully with the stationary landscape. Following that crop duster plane was certainly a challenge for me!
I must also give credit to my two car-mates. I certainly managed to luck out with Ed and Dave. They were smart and funny and of a similar political persuasion. So the car-rides were actually enjoyable in addition to the shoots.
Congratulations again on your first place win in the International Competition with Snow Globe.
I am so happy to have found you as an instructor.
Marcia Cherry

The workshop was memorable for me. I learned so much more about angles and water and bird behavior. I enjoyed the folks on the workshop, the location and well…..everything. I especially appreciated Michael’s coaching and persistence when we were working out a few camera issues. It was a very fine experience and I thank you for making it so!

Denise was extremely well prepared and focused throughout the workshop. Her enthusiasm for our development as photographers was infectious and her overall expertise as a photographer is outstanding. I appreciate that she brought an assistant to enhance the learning experience for participants. Also, I respect that both she and Don were not using cameras during the photo shoots. Their attention and coaching during the shoots was excellent. Especially given that they were beset with weather and logistical difficulties, they managed the situation with professionalism and a positive attitude that made the overall experience valuable.
Kathy Bishop

Hi Denise, Had been dreaming of bears and looking forward to our trip to Katmai NP and you didn’t disappoint. Your images and words reflect the awesome, magical time we had ‘dancing’ with the bears and cubs. Thanks for the wonder-filled, memorable experience. Kris Morgan

It was indeed a fantastic trip. Sloshing through the waters with waders to reach the shore and following the “bear trails” was worth it–to see and be so near to the sows and their cubs and watch their behavior. When we thought one day was great the next day was even better. It was unbelievable! Thanks Denise so very much. Sally Foster

Aside from being a wonderful instructor and the most creative photographer I know, Denise is surely the world’s best flower photographer, bar none. Arthur Morris 7/11/2015

Hi Denise,
What a fantastic trip, and I can never thank you enough for figuring how to get us out ahead of the storm. I love your blog images.
You are a wonderful trip leader. I really learned a lot and had a great time.
Michael Gotthelf

Thanks for all you did for us, and especially your patience with me. I’m very inspired to continue exploring flower photography and also learning Photoshop (currently I only use Lightroom). You have made your mark on my future, I’m sure. Blessings to you and thanks again!
Colley Boyd

I just returned from a super terrific “Creative Adventure” with Denise Ippolito at the Swan Island Dahlia Farm. 5 days of photographing beautiful flowers and having Denise instruct, encourage and do everything in her power so I (as well as everyone else) could get creative images that I am very happy with! Thank you Denise!
Nancy Bell

Denise, I can’t thank you, Tom and Sharon for leading such a fun and informative workshop. I’ve received very positive comments back from the participants. I love watching you create the magic in your images. You make it look so easy, but I know you’ve put in the hours perfecting your craft. You inspired us all to explore the artistic potential of our photographs. All three of you were very helpful in the field to those not as knowledgeable about their camera settings.
Always a pleasure to spend time with you. My best, Eloise

Hi Denise, I was absolutely blown away by the images shared by your students at lunch today. Each one had a stunning image. Each one demonstrated a different technique that you had taught. I learned a lot just be hearing about each images.
You should be very proud of your ability to teach such a diverse set of students–some beginners and some more advanced.
Don Neilson.

HI Denise — I am “recovering” from a fantastic week with you at the Swan Island Dahlia Farm workshop. Thanks so much — I learned a lot and elevated my skills – and that is all attributable to you. Thank you — take care — Ruth Mc Cully

5 stars-Excellent Course!
by Hobbyrob
Creative Landscape Photography was inspiring and informational. It was well presented by experienced photographer, Denise Ippolito, and contained both creative ideas and technical information. After watching, I found myself immediately outdoors with my camera in manual mode! Great course for great value.

Hi Denise, Thanks for your input and quick response on the photos that were posted in the questions section of the class. I also posted a few in the general projects section, and was hoping to have some feedback on them as well. Thanks. Again, great class!

I really enjoyed this class. You moved at a good pace, your content was relevant to my needs, and you gave excellent examples. The only section I found a bit confusing was the one using PhotoShop masks and layers, but there’s an area for future classes! I really enjoyed the pleasing blurs section and had a great time experimenting with that. Thanks so much for a great class.

Hi Denise,
I just finished watching your “outstanding” Craftsy video.
All I can say is: I’m so glad I signed up for your Palouse trip!!!

You did a great job on the video… I learned so much. Like your trick with the White Bearded Mannequin and focusing… the blur around him was so nice.

The B&W conversion was a lesson I will refer to quite a lot… I really liked your shot from Nome Alaska on the Salmon River.

Your lesson on Kelvin is one I will never forget… I so glad you used the Palouse for some examples… gave me some ideas to try on the tour next year.

Denise, I would love to see more of these videos from you. You have a great way of teaching… your tempo is perfect and a pleasure to follow.

I know you didn’t ask for a critique, but I just had to express my feelings anyway. 🙂
To sum it up… I would like to see more Photoshop tutorials if you’re ever thinking of doing this again. How about a video on taking IR images and the necessary post processing?
As one of your followers… I’m so grateful for everything I learned today.
Thanks Denise,

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